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Book Cover Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Twice The Pleasure by Portia Da Costa
Erotica short story ebook released by Spice Briefs 1 May 09

What is it about high school reunions that seem to inspire so many different types of stories? Whether it be the heroine who wants a hunky fake fiance’ on her arm to show up the “mean girls” or the heroine who wants to reconnect with the boy who drove her hormones wild as a teenager, high school reunions certainly seem to jump start a writer’s imagination. Portia Da Costa’s latest short story for Spice Briefs definitely falls on the naughty side of the spectrum. A heroine who wants to relive a fantasy interrupted.

Caitlyn is now a successful caterer and only agreed to take the job of supplying the food at her ten year high school reunion because she’s curious about Drew Hartley. Ten years ago, after witnessing a fight between Drew and his friend, Steve, in the gym, Caitlyn almost hooks up with Drew in a secluded equipment closet. Unfortunately for her, and her teenage hormones, Steve interrupts the interlude! She flees the scene, embarrassed, and worse yet – still horny. Even though both young men end up apologizing to her, Caitlyn still can’t help but think what might have been.

Sending her heart (and other body parts) aflutter, Drew does show up at the reunion and corners Caitlyn in the very same equipment closet. But darn it all! Wouldn’t you know? Just as the going starts to get really good, there’s Steve, once again interrupting them. Or is he? Hey, ten years later, maybe good ol’ Steve wants to join in on the fun?

What I enjoy about Da Costa’s stories is that there is a playfulness to them. Her characters never seem to take themselves too seriously, and her heroines are always ready to have a good time. Such is the case here, a fairly conventional menage a trois story that is made memorable by Da Costa’s engaging first person narration style, and a heroine who finds herself taking the blinders off in regards to Drew and Steve. A fast and sexy read.

Wendy TSLGrade: B

In high school, Caitlyn once got the chance to make out with her crush Drew Hartley in the gym storeroom…until they were interrupted by Drew’s friend, Steve.
Now at their ten-year reunion, Caitlyn finds herself sharing another passionate encounter with Drew—with Steve arriving on-scene once again. But this time he’s not going to stop them. He’s there to join in….
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