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Man Mostly Likely Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of The Man Most Likely by Cindi Myers
Contemporary Romance released by Harlequin American 12 May 2009

I’m certainly not alone in my desire to see more full-figured romance heroines. Unfortunately when such a book does come along it’s either false advertising (note to authors: a 5’10” heroine who wears a size 10 is not fat 🙄 ) or the conflict for the story is all about the heroine’s weight. Cindi Myers’ latest gets it mostly right by delivering a true full-figured heroine (girlfriend wears a size 16); and while a good portion of the conflict does center around her size, the author doesn’t make that the sole source of conflict.

Angela Krisova has a good life in the resort town of Crested Butte, Colorado. She owns her own business, the boutique candy shop, The Chocolate Moose, and is a vital member of the local community theater. She moved to town nursing a broken heart, but life is pretty good. Oh sure, she’s single, but being in a relationship isn’t everything. Besides, she’s used to people looking right past “the fat girl” and underestimating her. She’s past letting it bother her. Or is she?

Bryan Perry is the kind of guy Crested Butte is full off. A Peter Pan ski bum. However, he’s growing weary of that life and eating Top Ramen every night. He has a college degree in hotel management, so takes a job at the Elevation Hotel hoping to work his way quickly up the corporate ladder. His dream is to one day own his own small hotel. His first assignment? Pull off the local community theater fundraising dinner, and for that he has to work with Angela. When they talk on the phone, his hormones kick into overdrive. Anyone with a voice that sultry must be a walking sex goddess. So imagine his surprise when he meets her in person and she’s….well….fat. However, our boy quickly recovers. It certainly helps matters that Angela is smart, funny, and charming. Before that first meeting is over he has fallen hard and fast. Now to convince Angela that he’s the perfect man for her.

What I enjoyed about this story is that both Bryan and Angela were fighting against how other people saw them. Angela is the funny, fat girl. The one relegated to playing the “sidekick” in local theater productions. The girl everybody underestimates and nobody really sees. Bryan is the irresponsible good-time party guy. When his friends hear that he’s taken a job at the hotel, they start placing bets on how long he’ll last. Certainly a guy as carefree and fun-loving as Bryan won’t last two minutes in a structured corporate environment.

Perceptions and how people see each other (or not see) make up the bulk of the conflict. Can a relationship between the drop-dead gorgeous former ski bum and a festively plump chocolate fiend really work? Or is it doomed for failure? Angela might play the part of the funny, confident, take-charge modern woman, but years of criticism, hurt and insecurities don’t just vanish overnight – no matter how good of an actress you are. And is Bryan strong enough to take a chance on true love when up until this point his whole life has revolved around finding the next party and having a good time?

I’m still looking forward to reading a romance featuring a plus-size woman where her size is a non-issue, but then for that to happen I think society as a whole would have to undergo a radical shift. That being said, The Man Most Likely is a very sweet story that features two characters that I genuinely liked. These were nice people. Nice people bristling against expectations, scared of stepping into the unknown, but ultimately brave enough to put their hearts on the line. When it comes to romance, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Wendy TSLGrade: B+

With her voluptuous, plus-size figure, Angela Krizova knows she doesn’t fit the male fantasy of the perfect woman. That’s fine, because Bryan Perry isn’t her idea of the ideal man, either. The gorgeous ski-bum-turned-corporate-exec is just the type she avoids like the plague.
Except he won’t take no for an answer. With Bryan pursuing her as if she’s the most desirable woman in Crested Butte, Angela’s starting to believe it just a little herself. Is the most irresistible guy in town really falling for her? Or is he the man most likely to break her heart?
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