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Book CoverDevon’s review of A Witch’s Beauty (Mermaid Series, Book 2) by Joey W. Hill
Paranormal Romance released by Berkley Trade 6 Jan 09

Joey W. Hill is a fabulous writer. I guess I’ve moved into full fledged fangirl territory. Her characters are flawed, drawn to the darkness. Their desires and needs can be dark as well. But her books are never too disturbing or squicky, because the emotional bond between the characters is always evident. Hill writes about the redemption that can be found in true love and acceptance. A Witch’s Beauty is another fine example of this theme, and another enjoyable read.

Mina was my favorite character in A Mermaid’s Kiss, and I was really looking forward to her story. The daughter of a seawitch (mermaid) and a Dark One (demon), Mina has lived a life of ostracism and distrust. Much of her solitude is chosen however, for she is extremely powerful and must resist the call of her Dark One blood. Mina feels the urge to do evil, and constantly struggles to maintain a balance. Cranky, heavily scarred and possessing a long pair of tentacles, Mina is not a typical romance heroine. She’s a bit freaky, but I love her. She’s strong, brilliant and strangely funny and vulnerable. Be aware that she can sometimes be quite harsh and off-putting.

Mina meets David in that first book (which you don’t have to read, but I think you’ll get more out of this book if you do). David is a young angel with a troubled human past (which connects to two of Hill’s earlier books). Hill writes very strong, troubled heroines quite well, and she also writes a certain type of hero that is pretty unique. She uses the word “Champion” and that fits David very well. He is strong and steady, and unswerving in his faith in and love for Mina. He’s more in touch with his emotions, and Mina is the more powerful and aloof one, but it is clear that she really, really needs him, probably more than he does her.

There’s not a whole ton of plot. The focus is squarely on Mina and David and their developing relationship. I loved the characters and their relationship, but there were some slow bits. I think one’s enjoyment of the book will depend upon their enjoyment of the characters. I think it’s a good idea to read the first book as well, to get a clearer picture of this fictional universe and the characters within. The action certainly ratchets up towards the end, and it is gripping, painful, and sometimes confusing. But for readers of fantasy/paranormal romance who enjoy complex (and sometimes dark) characterization and relationships, I recommend. You won’t find the run of the mill here.

big_dog_smile.jpgGrade: B+

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The Summary:

Mina is the daughter of an unholy union—a mermaid taken by one of the malevolent Dark Ones. While helping to rescue Prime Legion Commander Jonah, she exposed herself as a potentially dangerous weapon, susceptible to the darkness in her own blood. Now, for the general good, Jonah has angels watching over her…

Though Mina is resistant to being protected, her attitude begins to change when David, the human-born angel, is awarded the duty. Looking into his eyes, she can sense that he too knows what it means to fight the darkness within. But—as their passion threatens to take over—will it lead them to Heaven or Hell?
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