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Book CoverSandy M’s review of A Seduction at Christmas (Scandals and Seductions, Book 1) by Cathy Maxwell
Historical Romance published by Avon 28 Oct 08

Yeah, I know Christmas is said and done, but this book just came in the mail and something pulled me toward it, made me open it up and start reading.  I finished it in less than 24 hours.  This is a fun, light-hearted read cut with a swath of danger and has very engaging characters.  It’s my first book by Ms. Maxwell, and after the joy I received from this one, I’m looking forward to reading more in the future.

I really enjoyed both leading characters.  Fiona is a Scottish woman on her own in London, making her own way since her father’s death left her in dire straits.  She’s learned life is hard for those not born of nobility and for those who have fallen from it.  She had a chance to leave England with her rebel brother who sought escape with his wife to America, but she chose to stay because of the destiny she felt she would have because of one man.  A man who she’d only seen once in her life, momentarily at a ball years before.  She’d never forgotten the Duke of Holburn, but her faith has paid off and she’s finally come face to face with him once again.

The Duke, Dominic Lynsted, has been after one man for the past nine years, the one who stole the symbol of his inheritance and whose betrayal caused Nick’s hardness and uncaring attitude.  We hear about more than witness his rakish and scandalous ways, however, and we learn that perhaps he’s not nearly as bad as the ton paints him through both Fiona’s eyes and that of certain members of his family. Thinking he’s about to have his revenge at last and regain possession of his prized property, he’s surprised when he finds a beautiful woman instead.  Fiona is a woman who is proud and strong and he remembers the one and only time he’s ever seen her.  Wanting more time with her, however, is the start of their need to flee for their lives and of their seduction of each other along the way.

For Fiona her love comes fast and strong because of her attraction for this man over the years. She’s had feelings for him for so long that it takes only a few acts of kindness before she’s totally lost her heart to Nick.  He takes only a little more time to fall, wanting her trust first and swearing to protect her from the danger that’s following them all over London. They are an engaging couple, and though they each have their moments of vulnerability, they persevere both in love and danger.  The twist at the end wasn’t totally a surprise, but it and its aftermath do cause some heartache.  And there is a heartfelt scene between Nick and Fiona after all is revealed that sums up their love and relationship beautifully.

I look forward to the coming books in this series.  This one was a very pleasant surprise.

SandyMGrade: A

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She never expected it would come to this. Desperation and an empty stomach forced Fiona Lachlan to agree to a plan that ended up luring the wickedly notorious Duke of Holburn into trouble. Everything went terribly wrong, and now she has found herself posing as his ward! And while she swore nothing could make her desire a scoundrel, even if he was a duke, she is now drawing ever closer to the one man she cannot have .

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