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PhotobucketJody likes military romance! A reader and blogger (check out Scottish Scribbles) with an intimate familiarity with the armed forces, Jody shares with us what she looks for in a military romance.

posterI was a Coast Guard wife the first ten years of my marriage from 1973- 1983: duty stations included Milwaukee (Icebreaker), Port Angeles, Washington(Air Station) , San Diego(School), New York City (District Office), Yorktown, Va (OCS), Detroit (Icebreaking Buoy tender), and Seattle (District Office). Many people don’t realize the US Coast Guard is part of the military, the bastard child you know exists but you don’t acknowledge. Katrina and the heroism of the Coasties in saving so many lives made the American people realize that there are heroes at home as well as overseas.

In those ten years, I lived in post housing on a Air National Guard Base in Michigan with 600 families of all branches of the military. I have also lived in Army housing in Washington State, so I have been around a lot of military families. I also did my senior thesis in college (2003) on the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act of 1947 that allowed women to become permanent members of the Armed services.

When I am looking for a military romance, I like to find stories about all the services, not just SEALs. The military mission can be the story or they could just have military service members as the main characters. I look for the author to get the jargon (all the acronyms), the uniforms (not covers), the weapons, the ranks/jobs correct and their missions correct for that branch of the service (they all have different missions).seals

You might be interested to know the following romance authors are former veterans: Elizabeth Ashtree (Army), Lori Avocato (Air Force), Rogenna Brewer (Navy), Candace Irvin (Navy), Cindy Dees (Air Force), Joanne Ferguson (Army), Dolores Fossen (Air Force), Jen Holling (Air Force), Cathy Maxwell (Naval Intelligence), Pam McCutcheon (Air Force), Barbara Phinney (Canadian Army), Carol Umberger (Air Force), Lindsay McKenna (Navy) and Merline Lovelace (Air Force).

Here are some favorites…

Lindsay McKenna (Navy Vet)

She writes mostly category romance, but no one has as many military books as she. I think her earlier work is much better, and she can’t get over the fact that Navy Women haven’t been called WAVES since 1973.

  • RED TAIL (part of Travis trilogy #1)–Coast Guard, and one of only two romances with Coast Guard h/h.

MY favorite books are the WOMEN OF VALOR SERIES, in which three women graduate from Annapolis and are all trying to become Navy pilots.

Cindy Dees (Air Force VET)

Book CoverI especially enjoyed these because she has kick ass heroines.

Merline Lovelace (Air Force Colonel retired)

Book CoverTO PROTECT AND DEFEND SERIES — The only series where the author was able to incorporate a character from each of the uniformed military services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service,and NOAA. The head of the special project that all are part of is run by an Navy Commander, nary a SEAL in sight but still good reading :)

Catherine Mann (Air Force Wife)

Book CoverSingle titles:

  • CODE OF HONOR (Air Force hero/ Spec Ops secondary character)
  • BLAZE OF GLORY (Air Force/Spec Ops)
  • ON TARGET (Air Force — this one especially good because the h/h are already married and shows the trouble military families can face)

WINGMAN’S WARRIORS series of categories. There about 14 books in the series but here are my favorites:

Vickie Hinze (Military Wife)

Single titles:

Ingrid Weaver

Writes Eagle Squadron/ ARMY/ DELTA FORCE

Patricia Potter