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sl_thumbnail.jpgTGTBTU is a reader blog.  We are for readers by readers and everything I do – event, news or feature wise – is for readers just like us. 

TGTBTU is very author friendly or at least I think we are.  If you are an author that doesn’t like to see honest opinions, thinks there should be no such thing as bad reviews, think Average (a.k.a. a “C” grade) is a bad thing or only want sunshine blown up your arse, then this isn’t a good blog for you to hang at. 

So I can’t decide:


Is Deborah Macgillivray, stupid or clueless?  Or is it just me who thinks it is seriously stoopid and nervy for her to show up on a reader blog?  At this point do you think an endorsement from her helps an author or hurts them?  Is it like a cover quote you just ignore, or would you put the book down?  Honestly, I feel bad for Kathryne Kennedy.  

Until told otherwise I am gonna play Pollyanna and believe she doesn’t know that Mac is no reader’s friend, at least not to one who thinks she/he can like or dislike whatever the fuck he/she want.

I think Deborah should add this to her retaliation list: only ‘highly recommend‘ books you really don’t want people to buy.  Sort of like another way to harm the bitches that dare to speak against her work.

I like Dorchester and I happen enjoy a hella lot of their books, but it would be nice to see her dropped. It should be a rule: stalk a reader, lose a contract.  Of course I also think there is no excuse for an author to have reviews removed because it is bad or a low grade.  When I hear an author does it, I don’t buy them again much less endorse their work. For anyone playing the home game, I DO NOT Recommend paying for anything written by Deborah Magcillivray due to her long-term abuse of the Amazon rating system, due to her abuse of her status as a reviewer on Amazon, and due to her harassment of readers who dislike her books.

Maybe that is just me…