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reefer_madness.jpgIt’s REFRESH MADNESS!!!!!!!!! 

Is anyone else out there having to hit refresh like three or four times to get TGTBTU to come up for you? Please comment here if you’re similarly afflicted and let me know who your service provider is (Cox, Time Warner, the devil…).



Apparently our server host, Dotster, is having some database/server issue and they’re working on it.  No ETA on the repair.  Please have patience with us while we sacrifice a few chickens to the Internet gods.  Dibs on the drumsticks.

**UPDATE No. 2**

It would seem the problem is now fixed on our external-facing site.  So you readers should not be having more problems.  However, please let us know if you are.  Now if I can just get them to fix it on the admin pages too…