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Book CoverStevie‘s review of Fury’s Death (Afterlife, Inc, Book 3) by Brey Willows
Lesbian Paranormal Romance published by Bold Strokes Books 13 Mar 18

This series has been getting steadily better as it’s progressed. That said, it feels to me very much as three parts of a whole, rather than a trilogy that can be dipped into at random (I could have done with more hours in the day, in order to reread the first two before reviewing this one). This finale shows us the progress of the two couples we’ve already met, as well as giving us a new pair to cheer for, along with yet more glimpses into how the various gods are adapting to their new circumstances as power bases shift and some gain followers, while others lose out due to the realignment of human beliefs in the face of absolute proof. There’s a further increase in the numbers and vehemence of those humans who just wish the gods would go away and stop messing up the status quo, leading to an even stronger coalition between the atheists and those whose belief worked far better when the gods weren’t telling them directly to be awesome to each other. Meanwhile, some former believers and agnostics are suffering information overload and have no idea what belief system to follow in the face of the various gods’ media presences and marketing campaigns. These last present somewhat of a problem for Dani Morana – Death herself – whose job it is to shepherd souls to whichever afterlife is most fitting.

Dani has other problems too. More of the humans she and her team are attending to are turning out to have no soul at all, a consequence of the return of Chaos to the Earth, and so she turns to the Fury sisters to help her. The Furies have also noticed the effects of Chaos on the humans they’ve traditionally punished and are concerned at what the embittered immortal might turn her plots to next. With two of the Furies busy with their extra work at Afterlife, Inc and with their new relationships, it falls to the third sister, Megara, to work with Death and find solutions to the obvious problems, then try to head off the next bunch of Chaos-inspired mayhem before her plans get underway.

Dani has been attracted to Meg for centuries, but has kept their interactions strictly in the friends zone; Meg likes to party and doesn’t do relationships. Lately, however, the constant hedonism has started to lose its appeal for Meg and she’s wondering what’s missing from her life.

As Dani and Meg work together, they begin to wonder whether a relationship could work for both of them. First, though, they have to intervene in the threatened war between disgruntled minor gods and underworld lords – headed up by Chaos, aided by the new leader of Humanity First – and the gods still loyal to the aims and objectives of Afterlife, Inc. Any battle could put thousands, if not millions, of human lives at stake, and might lead to the downfall of many of the gods themselves.

I loved the big showdown, although it was hard to keep track of so many participants in a written narrative. I also felt this was the one point in the series where the romance side of things had slightly too large an influence on the action-adventure side to the plotting. Nonetheless, I’m very tempted to grab all three books in print format if I see them at an author event.

Stevies CatGrade: B


Fun-loving fury Megara Graves is seriously tired of working so hard. With the world collapsing around her, she no longer has time for the hedonistic lifestyle she adores. When religion merges with politics and both gods and humans show their true colors, she wonders if it would be better to let the world burn itself to the ground.

Dani Morana, more commonly known as Death, is busy not just with people dying as usual, but with the deaths caused by Chaos as well. She’s been horribly lonely for a long time but knows no one could possibly love her for who she is. Overwhelmed when the world erupts in fear and violence, she needs someone to turn to.

Will Meg and Dani be able to find their way through the darkness enveloping the earth? Or will Death be the last one standing?

Read an excerpt.

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