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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Chasing Christmas Eve (Heartbreaker Bay, Book 4) by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romance published by Avon 26 Sep 17

Lately, because I’ve been disappointed a number of times this year by a few of my favorite authors, I’ve hesitated when opening a new read from other faves. Happily, I can say that Jill Shalvis is one of those who has never let me down, for which I am eternally grateful after having to leave those other authors behind. And that Ms. Shalvis has given me a wonderful Christmas story makes it that much more special.

One of the best things Jill Shalvis gives readers in a story is real people who you’d like to know, who are quirky and have flaws, and who have fun and know how to eventually overcome their pasts or any other obstacles blocking their way to a happily ever after. Both Spence and Colbie have all those qualities and then some. Another perk for me reading these stories is characters who talk to one another, work their issues out instead of coming to misunderstandings that are so prevalent in romance books. These two characters know their time is limited; therefore, they aim to have loads of fun so they can each walk away at the end. Guess what they have to talk about when the end comes?

Colbie is a very successful YA author – her book is due to release as a movie in just weeks – who is having a bit of writer’s block, all due to those in her life who “need” her or want something from her. The pressure is a killer, so she decides she needs to get away. Heading clear across the country to San Francisco is exactly what she needs, especially after she takes a dunk in a fountain and meets Spencer Baldwin, a man who makes her sit up and take notice. Making quick friends with Spence’s friends is an added plus, and her writing is back on track as she takes in all that the City by the Bay has to offer.

Spence is in the middle of an important breakthrough on a current project that will help millions. He’s one of those super intelligent tech guys, knows his stuff and is trying to work off some guilt after the demise of his last relationship. So he doesn’t need a distraction like Colbie. But Colbie and everything she has that he can’t stop thinking about have something to say about that. I love that he takes the time to help her mark off so many things from her bucket list while in the city. Every time they’re together it’s fun and intense, and you just know they belong with each other. And their chemistry is off the charts. which is part of the reason their blocks when it comes to work are suddenly things of the past. It’s definitely a race in chasing Christmas Eve, Colbie’s timeline to head back to New York and her life there.

We get to catch up with all the Heartbreaker Bay characters from the series so far, all ready to give Spence their two cents when it comes to love and romance. Especially Elle, Spence’s assistant, who takes protection of Spence from this sexy stranger to heart more than any of the others. I love every one of those characters. I’m still hoping to get to Holiday Wishes, the next novella in the series. I still have a bit of time before the end of the holiday season!

If you’re looking for some great reads that will keep you turning the pages, never hesitate to pick up a Jill Shalvis book. She will always delight you and give you characters you will remember, even long after reading any other stories in between.

sandym-iconGrade: A


Meet cute…

Run for the hills—temporarily. That’s Colbie Albright’s plan when she flees New York for San Francisco. Wrangling her crazy family by day and writing a bestselling YA fantasy series by night has taken its toll. In short, Colbie’s so over it that she’s under it. She’s also under the waters of a historic San Francisco fountain within an hour of arrival. Fortunately, the guy who fishes Colbie out has her looking forward to Christmas among strangers. But she’s pretty sure Spencer Baldwin won’t be a stranger for long.

Make merry…

Spence’s commitment to hiding from the Ghosts of Relationships Past means he doesn’t have to worry about the powerful—okay, crazy hot—chemistry he’s got with Colbie. Just because she can laugh at anything, especially herself… just because she’s gorgeous and a great listener…just because she “gets” Spence immediately doesn’t mean he won’t be able to let Colbie go. Does it?

…and hope for a miracle.

Now the clock’s ticking for Colbie and Spence: Two weeks to cut loose. Two weeks to fall hard. Two weeks to figure out how to make this Christmas last a lifetime.

Read an excerpt.

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