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Book CoverKristie J’s review of Battle Scars by Jane Harvey-Berrick
Contemporary Romance published by Harvey Berrick Publishing

Ms. Harvey-Berrick has become one of my favourite, auto-buy authors.  She has written some emotional books that have choked me up to the point of tears running down my face.  This is not one of them.  That’s not to say it isn’t a good book, just one that it didn’t draw me in like many others to the point I feel like I’m there right beside the characters.  In this story it felt more like I was an observer from a distance.  And because I know and I’ve experienced what she can make me feel, for me, this one suffers for not drawing me in.

I do find it interesting, I love the character of MJ.  She is brave and honest and a truly honorable reporter.  I enjoyed reading about her journeys and adventures.  I found her so noble when she thanked all the marines for saving her life.  She didn’t just take them for granted.

Jackson is a most excellent character too.  He’s a career Marine, or at least plans to be a Marine for a while.  He’s brave and savvy and all that is good in a hero.

I enjoyed their relationship, what little time they had to spend together, considering they were often on two different continents.

I have this theory that there are two main kinds of readers: emotional readers and technical readers and various combinations of each.  If I were a technical type reader, I know I would appreciate this book a lot more. And after writing this review, I see it has received some high grades.  But I’m much more of an emotional reader and this particular book just didn’t stir up my emotions that much.  So it’s a good book, but just not one for me, not like some of her other books that do appeal to the emotional reader in me.

fairy_in_a_field3_400x400Grade: C+


From the dusty plains of Afghanistan to the sleek corridors of the New York Times, journalist MJ Buckman seeks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What she doesn’t expect to find is a man who’s her complete opposite … and fits her perfectly.

Marine Sergeant Jackson Connor knows that relationships don’t work for men in the military. He’s living proof of that. But when a steely-eyed temptress in a flak jacket, who carries her moral cause in front of her, crosses his path, he’s furious, curious, and all kinds of in-lust.

* * *

A grown-up love story about two people who aren’t looking for love, but realize how precious it is when they find it. They don’t play games and there are no stupid misunderstandings, just life standing in their way.

Can they compromise? And what does that look like in a modern relationship between two driven people?

Assignment Vs deployment.

They’re always traveling in different directions. What relationship can survive that?

No excerpt available.