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Book CoverVeena’s review of Cuffed By His Charm (Dirty Little Secrets, Book 4) by Stacey Kennedy
Erotic Romance published by Loveswept 14 Nov 17

This book picks up where the last one, Restrained Under His Duty, ends. Gabriel, having learned the truth of McKenna’s betrayal, unleashes all control and brings to life every dirty, erotic fantasy he’s ever indulged in.  Did the cameras in his bar record everything?

As it happens, McKenna is innocent and can prove it.  She teams up with Gabriel to help bring her brother to justice while continuing to indulge in Gabriel’s version of domination.  Someone gets there before they can and Gabriel, Ryder, and McKenna will do all they can to get in front of the criminal elements that are holding sway over McKenna’s brother.

It’s interesting to see Gabriel as more than a dominant or a millionaire bartender.  His interactions with his family are especially interesting, because it really humanizes the dominant.  However, when all bets are off, love wins and he does all he can to save McKenna and her brother from the jaws of the beast that are closing down on them.

The dominants council is no more all the dominants now having been domesticated.  Micah and Allie are planning their wedding, and while Gabriel is involved in being best man at his friend’s wedding, McKenna puts herself in a position to be rescued.  Will McKenna choose Gabriel over her brother? We get a deeper look into who Gabriel is and what drives him.  This is the last book in the series, so there’s a lot of tying up of loose ends threaded into Gabriel’s and McKenna’s story.

Grade: C


Spoiler alert! The following reveals crucial plot points from Restrained Under His Duty.

The multimillionaire owner of a chain of successful Irish pubs, Gabe O’Keefe loves being in the spotlight almost as much as he loves women. But when all his secrets are exposed in a shameless tabloid, his glistening reputation takes a hit. What hurts most is learning who sold him out: sweet and sensual McKenna Archer, his own employee. Gabe thought he could trust her. But now he’s got bigger problems than keeping his hands off McKenna.

After putting a difficult past behind her, McKenna would never betray Gabe. But she knows someone who would: her brother, a compulsive gambler who owes money all over town. To make things right, McKenna will have to set aside her feelings for her boss. Easier said than done. Gabe oozes pure temptation. But when they team up, McKenna sees that he isn’t the manwhore she always thought. He’s strong. He’s real. And the heat between them is the only thing that makes sense anymore.

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