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Book CoverVeena’s review of Her Dark Half (X-Ops Book 7) by Paige Tyler
Paranormal Romance published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 05 Sep 17

This books picks up from the cliffhangar ending of the previous story. The X-Ops team is scattered and in hiding while mourning the loss of their leaders, particularly John who established the DCO. It’s like the dark moment when evil is winning but all is not as it seems. Trevor, a coyote shifter teammate, remains at the DCO to be the eyes and ears of the entire team as they plot to take down the villains and gain the upper hand.

It does seem like all is lost when the story starts out with the villains openly walking the halls of the DCO. If things weren’t bad enough, Trevor is now partnered with a new hot-shot partner from the CIA. Alina carries her own share of baggage after being the only survivor of her CIA team betrayed by an insider. She’s come on board at the DCO, fed on villain Dick’s lies and his promise to help her avenge her lost teammates.

Skeptical and wary, she’s surprised at the feeling of trust that Trevor inspires. Their team-building exercise is an eye opener, but before they can fully develop the initial tendrils of trust, they are thrust into action in the real world. The chemistry between her and Trevor is explosive and she really does have his back, except when she inadvertently provides information to Dick that she shouldn’t have.

The story soon jumps into high gear with explosive action. Readers will be slack jawed as the story continues revealing truths that I, for one, definitely did not imagine. As the team takes on the villains in an attempt to cleanse the taint from the DCO and restore order for the X-Ops team, a new set of villains is revealed.

This is pivotal book in the series and must be read so you know what’s happening as the series continues. Given the ending and the reveals in this book, it looks like we have a lot more exciting action in store for the series with a host of new characters.

Grade: B


Coyote shifter Trevor Maxwell is teamed up with CIA agent Alina Bosch to catch a killer. But when the mission becomes much more dangerous than they expected, they’re going to have to ignore the attraction between them and learn how to trust one another to come out on the other side…

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