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Book CoverVeena’s review of Archangel’s Viper (Guild Hunter, Book 10) by Nalini Singh
Paranormal Romance published by Berkeley 26 Sept 17

Viper is mysterious, exotic and unique even in the beautiful and deadly world that Ms. Singh has created in her Guild Hunter series.  Formidable as her imagination is this world gives her free rein to let her imagination fly. Viper with his color outside the lines personality and Holly “Sorrow” Chang are unusual characters even amongst the strange and deadly characters that exist in this paranormal world. Raphael and Elena are the anchors of the rich tapestry that the author has woven. As wonderful as it is to see them starring in the next chapter of this saga it is even more wonderful to get an in-depth focus on each of the Seven as they find their own hearts and souls. Holly is a survivor. Captured by an archangel maddened on blood lust, she survived the horrific experience, forever changed into a creature that does not fit any known mold. It’s not clear what she’s become from her experience, because, like Viper, she’s no ordinary vampire. Even more important, given her experience, it’s not clear if she’ll some day prove to be a danger and will have to be crushed like a bug by the very people who train and protect her today.  What a fitting mate she makes for Viper, whose venom can kill and even incapacitate a grown angel. Holly’s developing venom is not as strong as Viper’s, but her bite can neutralize his venom.

Now she has a bounty on her head as someone seeks to capture her for some nefarious reason. Also, her nightmares are getting worse as she is seemingly developing some arch-angelic tendencies, a legacy of her making or something else?  While she has been nurtured and trained by Dimitri, Honor, and even Elena, she’s finally entrusted to Viper for protection.  Viper is unusual in that he treats her like an equal, allowing her to find her strengths. He’s also forthcoming with her and shares information openly with her.  One of the things we learn is Viper’s back story and his making in Neha’s court.

As they explore the underbelly of the city, readers are treated to the cut and thrust of the developing relationship between the two that keeps things very interesting.  It’s also fun to catch up with the other characters that we’ve met and grown to like, even as Raphael and Elena are gone from the city.  Holly, however, is a lady with a mission who is being guided by the power of a dead archangel, which Holly and Viper will have to execute and hopefully come out alive at the other end.

This is a series which thrives on the unusual, but, even so, this story definitely blows the covers off unusual in what the readers get to experience. All in all, I really enjoyed these two characters. Viper, from some of the interactions in earlier books, turns out to be a very personable and likable character for whom I was surprised to feel a large dose of empathy. Holly really grows into her own to become a fitting mate for Viper.

Can’t wait to see what comes next in this world.

Grade: A


Once a broken girl known as Sorrow, Holly Chang now prowls the shadowy gray underground of the city for the angels. But it’s not her winged allies who make her a wanted woman–it’s the unknown power coursing through her veins. Brutalized by an insane archangel, she was left with the bloodlust of a vampire, the ability to mesmerize her prey, and a poisonous bite.

Now, someone has put a bounty on her head…

Venom is one of the Seven, Archangel Raphael’s private guard, and he’s as infuriating as he is seductive. A centuries-old vampire, his fangs dispense a poison deadlier than Holly’s. But even if Venom can protect Holly from those hunting her, he might not be able to save himself–because the strange, violent power inside Holly is awakening…

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