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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Once a Rebel (Rogues Redeemed, Book 2) by Mary Jo Putney
Historical Romance published by Zebra 29 Aug 17

I read Mary Jo Putney’s Fallen Angels series years ago and enjoyed each one. So with a lot of historical romances letting me down recently and the fact this is only Book 2 of her new series, I’d hoped to have a breakthrough take care of that old reading slump. Alas, it was not to be.

Mostly because these characters didn’t pull me into their lives after we get a look at their childhood and the differences they had to deal with. I hoped once I made it to their reunion, along with the historical aspect surrounding the War of 1812 – a period of time I’m not that familiar with, so was looking forward to a bit of a history lesson – that I would be so engrossed the story would be over before I knew it. To be quite honest, all I got was bored.

I felt for Callista when she loses everything but family as the English military burns its way through the American capitol, but when Gordon shows up and things didn’t pick up the pace at all, I set the book down. I figured to give it a day or two and try again. Unfortunately, neither character is charismatic enough or interesting enough to make me want to read more about them.

Maybe I’m not being fair. I don’t know. I got as far as Chapter 10, only 25% of the book on my Kindle, and I didn’t care what happened next. It’s unfortunate, because I know Ms. Putney is a terrific author. Concerning that history lesson, it reminded me of being in history class in school all those years ago. Dry. My attention wandered and I knew I probably wouldn’t be back to find out what happened with Callista and Gordon.

sandym-iconGrade: DNF


As Washington burns, Callista Brooke is trapped in the battle between her native England and her adopted homeland. She is on the verge of losing everything, including her life, when a handsome Englishman cuts through the violent crowd to claim that she is his. Callie falls into her protector’s arms, recognizing that he is no stranger, but the boy she’d once loved, a lifetime ago.

Lord George Gordon Audley had been Callie’s best friend, and it was to Gordon she turned in desperation to avoid a loathsome arranged marriage. But the repercussions of his gallant attempt to rescue her sent Callie packing to Jamaica, and Gordon on a one way trip to the penal colony of Australia.

Against all odds, Gordon survived. Finding Callie is like reclaiming his tarnished soul, and once again he vows to do whatever is necessary to protect her and those she loves. But the innocent friendship they shared as children has become a dangerous passion that may save or destroy them when they challenge the aristocratic society that exiled them both . . .

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