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Book CoverVeena’s review of Lord of the Seas (The Viking Lords, Book 3) by Sabrina Jarema
Historical Romance published by Lyrical Press 8 Aug 17 

When I discovered Lord of the Mountains, I was blown away by Ms. Jarema’s voice. Rorik is one of my favorite characters in the series and I waited with bated breath for his story. Perhaps I built this up so high that Rorik’s story was bound to fall short of my expectations.Rorik travels the coasts of England, Ireland, and Europe with his fleet, trading and warring as necessary. When a raid off the coast of England leaves his personal vessel destroyed, he returns to seek vengeance, but instead nets himself as a prisoner of none other than the Earl’s daughter herself.

As it turns out, Elfwynn is a bastard acknowledged by her father but living with her mother in the nearby village, weaving and embroidering to make her living.  Her sojourn in the forest near her home gets her captured by the Vikings, and then, to add insult to injury, her father refuses to pay her ransom.  Abandoned, she seeks help from the nearby Danish town where the church pays the ransom.

Elfwynn’s skill at weaving and embroidery quickly make her friends amongst the women of the village, even as she and Rorik both fight their attraction to each other. It just so happens Rorik is in the process of consolidating his power and cementing alliances, but Elfwynn’s attempts to escape him lead her to brave Rorik’s wrath. It is so much fun to see the women banding together and disrupting Rorik’s well-run household in support of Elfwynn. Rorik is so clueless about what is going on and how much his people love Elfwynn and would be happy to have him take her to wife, even as he resists in his attempt to find a Norwegian woman who would be acceptable to them.

Their story plays out amongst sea battles and domestic doings with the author painting a very authentic picture of life during those times.

Grade: C+


The Vikings roamed and raided the known world, always returning to their beautiful, sacred realm. Now, a young Christian woman is forced into this land—by a Viking lord with a secret he dares not reveal . . .
From Istanbul to Ireland, Rorik of Vargfjell is legendary for the battles he has fought, the wealth he has amassed, and the women he has loved. So when a Northumbrian Earl refuses to pay tribute, and even burns one of Rorik’s ships, the Viking seizes the earl’s daughter—and will hold her for ransom. Or so was his plan.

At home in Northumbria, Elfwynn had experienced agonizing losses—including the peaceful world she was born into. Now she stands face to face with a towering, chiseled Viking in his wondrous kingdom. With her gift of music, her unworldly beauty and strange courage, Elfwynn will prove to be very different than any woman Rorik has known. And for a man who lords over sea and land, what she demands will be the greatest challenge of all . . .

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