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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Stormchaser (Cutter Cay, Book 4) by Cherry Adair
Contemporary Romance published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks 7 Mar 17

I’m not one to who doesn’t finish a book very often. So I was caught a bit off guard when the beginning of this new book in Ms. Adair’s Cutter Cay series wasn’t quite working for me; it’s much too slow going for the start of a book. However, I am very glad I decided to soldier on.

Callie is on a mission of revenge. She’s doing so on behalf of her family, who have suffered at the hands of the Cutter brothers. Jonah Cutter has hired her for his current salvage effort. Unfortunately for Callie, she’s not ready for Jonah the man. Handsome, sexy, rich, and on the hunt for one of the world’s most famous myths.

Though Jonah has found his next true ship salvage, what he’s discovered beneath that wreckage is what he believes to be the lost city of Atlantis. That’s why he needs Callie aboard. She’s well-known in the scientific world and has even gone so far as to say she doesn’t believe Atlantis exists. If he can prove to her it does, her turnaround on the subject would be just what is needed to catapult the Cutters into the stratosphere.

Once the story gets past the mutual attraction between Jonah and Callie, their thoughts being shut down because they’re on a mission or she’s there to help her family or neither should be having sexy imaginings about the other, the storyline goes on smoother swing. Though it was once again bogged down by crew meetings and the like. For me it took much too long to get to some action.

When the actual diving begins, I enjoyed the book much more. Ms. Adair does a great job in taking the reader through the process of such a dive, how to collect and preserve artifacts, how to work as a team while underwater and so much more, all without becoming overburdened and boring. I would have liked more to have happened between Jonah and Callie before their attraction sets in, but after their aforementioned thoughts are left behind and they act on that attraction, I enjoyed them a lot more too.

Things really become interesting when bizarre happenings begin to plague the crew, including life-and-death situations while diving. At first I was a little dismayed at the appearance of some strange characters inhabiting an island just off in the distance, but I have to say they become very intriguing later on. All of the scenes late in the story move fast with underwater earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, and those strange monk-like characters.

I have not read any other books in this series, so I’m quite happy to say that I never felt lost or out of touch with mention of characters who have been previously featured. I’m quite curious now to read about Jonah’s recently discovered brothers. A warning, though – the ending here is a bit abrupt and leaves a lot hanging in the wind. At least for me. I had questions when I flipped that last page and expected more. Hopefully those questions will be answered in the next book.

sandym-iconGrade: B



Somewhere off the coast of Greece, a king’s ransom in gold, emeralds, and silver coins lies waiting at the bottom of the sea. Finding this ancient treasure would be a dream come true for marine archeologist Calista West. But that’s not why she’s here. She didn’t climb aboard Jonah Cutter’s magnificent yacht seeking fortune or fame. She’s come for revenge – against the sexiest, most seductive, modern-day pirate she’s ever encountered…

Like his famous half brothers, Jonah is a master of salvaging ships – and driving women mad with his movie-star looks and raw animal magnetism. Tall, dark, and devastating, he manages to make Callie forget her mission. Every moment they share under the hot Mediterranean sun is an erotically-charged adventure neither can resist. But when Callie discovers what he’s really after – the lost city of Atlantis – is it too late to change the course of her heart… or go all in with the lover of her dreams?

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