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Book CoverVeena’s review of Flash Of Fury (Endgame Ops, Book 1) by Lea Griffith
Romantic Suspense published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 07 Mar 17

Fans of fast-paced action romance, hold onto your hats! This book starts off with a bang and keeps on going with no let up in pace.  King McNally, a leader in a shadow operations, happens to be in the right place at the right time to save a young and beautiful woman from Boko Haram terrorists who hijack their plane on the tarmac in Cameroon.  As  the two of them try to stay a half step ahead of gun-wielding terrorists, the surprises keep coming.  This one is a keeper, because Allie Redding is just the right kind of deep, dark woman to complete King.  Allie is a great heroine. She is a beautiful, do-gooder who volunteers for the peace corps but also knows how to shoot to kill and can hold her own in a hand-to-hand fight. She’s heading home, dreaming of golden arches and licking her lips at the imagined taste of those salty McDonald’s fries and pampering in her favorite beauty salon, when all hell breaks lose.  Gun-wielding terrorists are on board her plane, hunting her and they don’t care who they have to hurt, maim, or kill in their attempt t capture her. Fortunately, her seat mate happens to be a kick-ass shadow warrior who manages to rescue her and take off with terrorists in pursuit.

As it happens, King has his own agenda as well. Unfortunately, Allie gets hurt in one of the battles to get away from their pursuers. She and King are forced to go to ground and hide out so she can heal enough to be extracted out of the hot spot that she finds herself in.  As it turns out, Allie has her own share of secrets and friends in dark places and King definitely does not command the board, despite his name.  Hunted, she and King travel out of Africa and into Europe in search of the terror organization that has both King and Allie in their sights.

Not only does Allie get to meet some of King’s team, but they manage to get some horizontal time and exchange enough background information to get the hearts engaged along with the adrenaline pumping. The unfolding story will keep you guessing as skeletons jump out of cupboards where they’ve been long hidden. With all the smoke, it’s kind of hard to separate friend from foe. Is there a future for Allie and King?

This definitely turned out to be my kind of book.  It was made even better because I had zero expectations before I started reading, having never heard of the author before. I can’t wait to pick up the next book in the series to see what happens next.

Grade: A


Their spark is immediate
Kingston McNally lost men when someone betrayed his team, and now he’s out for retribution. His quest for the enemy’s courier leads him to Cameroon and Allie Redding, a petite Peace Corps volunteer as stubborn as she is brave. Their attraction is immediate, but Allie has secrets of her own…and she’s not giving them up easily.

But their secrets could burn them both
Allie’s life has been spent hiding in plain sight, but she’s had enough of her cloak-and-dagger existence. On her way home, her plane is hijacked-and King saves her life. But that doesn’t mean she owes him anything…even if he is the most damnably sexy man she’s ever laid eyes on. He’s got black ops and secrets written all over him, and trust is a two-way street.

No excerpt available.