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Book CoverVeena’s review of Firestorm (Dark Kings, Book 10) by Donna Grant
Paranormal Romance published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks 07 Mar 17

The story inches forward toward the epic battle between Con and Ulrick that’s kept readers on tenterhooks for quite a few books now. New alliances are being forged and old enmities being put to rest that will keep readers engaged in this story, as well as wondering what’s coming down the pike next.  Even Con has given up fighting the inevitable as yet another dragon king succumbs to love and finds a mate.

Faith Reynolds is a renowned archeologist who, against all odds, finds a dragon’s skeleton buried in a cave.  Dimitri is dispatched to destroy the skeleton before Faith can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt of the dragon’s existence.  I love how Faith refers to him as “muscles” throughout the story, as he takes up bodyguarding duties of her delectable body while plotting how to keep his secrets while keeping her safe.

The dark fae are around but in much fewer numbers, though they are still responsible for the deaths of some of the people on Faith’s team and creating a situation that causes Dmitri to expose his presence.  Rhi’s character continues to develop, along with her affair with Balladyn, who seems to be ready for his end run to become King of the Dark Fae. For the first time we see a very different side of Con. All these developments will definitely intrigue readers, though most of anything remains shrouded in mystery.

What brought Faith to the small Scottish Island that she settles on for her dig? What made her chose the cave in which the dragon skeleton lay? How did one of Dimitri’s white dragon get left behind when he had made every effort to locate and help his dragons across the rainbow bridge and dispose of all his dead?  These questions remain even as the story concludes and I hope we get some of these answers as the story continues. However, there are other magic-spelled artifacts that seem to have an impact on Dimitri and some of the other kings, including Con.

As Alice once said, “It gets curiouser and curiouser!”

Grade: B



Dimitri lives to protect the secret of the Dragon Kings from the human race. Bound by a bond stronger than blood to the Kings, Dimitri uses his strength and prowess to defend a thousand-year-old secret. But when an oh-so-sexy, slightly absent-minded archaeologist wanders into his midst, Dimitri will have to give up his rules, and give in to desire…

When Dr. Faith Reynold stumbles upon an ancient skeleton that appears it comes from a dragon, she’s completely taken aback. A woman of science, there’s no way in her mind that this mythological creature can exist. But when a devilishly handsome man named Dimitri intercepts her path to uncovering the truth, Faith’s curiosity turns into all-consuming passion. She’s never felt this way about any man before. But when Dimitri reveals his biggest secret, can she learn to love the man―as well as the dragon within,

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