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Book CoverTabs’ review of Edge of Power (Edge Series, Book 4) by Megan Crane
Erotic Post-Apocalyptic Romance published by St Martin’s Griffin 07 Mar 17 

Megan Crane is back with her post-apocalytpic asshole vikings and this time the king of them all takes center stage. Wulf is done dealing with assholes from afar who hide in their mountain fortresses, horde all of the wealth, and plot to destroy his people. So he’s taking the fight right to them, strolling up to their gates like he owns the place, and hiding in plain sight while his people put everything in motion behind the scenes. 

Kathlyn is a princess which means she’s a pawn. Her fate has been sealed since birth. When her father decides it will be most advantageous, her virginity will be sold to a high bidder, she’ll be “claimed” in a barbaric ceremony in front of the royal court, and then she’ll be sold into temporary marriages to monsters just like her father until she outlives her usefulness. There are no choices to be made; no escape to be had. Until a sex-on-a-stick arrogant viking king waltzes into the palace, that is.

Wulf has a mission. Kathlyn’s trying to survive as best she can. Neither one is looking for romance at all. Nonetheless, they begin a dance in which neither party is very sure what the hell they’re doing, but they are sure they can’t just walk away.

“He was used to handling the clan and all their squabbles and complaints and troubles, many of which were sorted out with fistfights in the Lodge for all to see. But he didn’t know what to do with a tiny, helpless, pretty thing, maybe the softest creature he’d ever encountered, who wanted to learn how to grow a pair of fangs.”

Both Wulf and Kathlyn are struggling with the impact their pasts have on their presents and futures. Wulf learned the hard way how caring for someone can be used against him. Kathlyn learned, in a number of hard ways, that women who exist in her father’s sphere pay for that existence in blood. He hasn’t had anything he was afraid to lose in a long time. She’s never had any hope that fighting back would do her any good. Things are about to change.

Kathlyn and Wulf make a good complimentary pair and their interactions are fun to read. What doesn’t work quite so well is that the setting is so isolated and claustrophobic. There isn’t much time for Wulf and Kathlyn to interact with each other and even less opportunity. They make what they have count, but the romance would have been stronger with more. I’m not sure if Megan Crane is finished with this series or if she plans to write more, but if she does, I’ll certainly be on board with bells on. I’m a sucker for these darn vikings.

Grade: B+


Wulf is king of his clan and the ruthless head of the raider brotherhood.

Every foe in his path surrenders to his will. But when his mortal enemy’s beguiling daughter gets under his skin the way no one else ever has, a whole new intensity from the Raider King is unleashed…the fiery strength of dark passion and hard-hitting lust.

Kathlyn is no fan of the life she’s been forced to live under her savage father’s unforgiving rule. But the bold and powerful barbarian who steals her innocence—and her heart—is a dangerous bet. There’s nothing safe about a man who wants to destroy everything she knows and burn it to the ground. Except if Wulf can set her free, maybe safety is overrated…

Will the overwhelming heat of her warrior-king lead to something more powerful than either of them can imagine?

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