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Book CoverSammy’s review of Cold Touch (Extrasensory Agents, Book 2) by Leslie A. Kelly
Paranormal Romance published by LK Books  31 Oct 16

In Book 2 of the Extrasensory Agents, the chills get chillier, the fear factor is a little bit more edge of your seat, and Savannah, Georgia is a little steamier. I read this book many years ago. But, as we readers know, we read so many books that the details sometimes get lost. When Leslie Kelly announced she was releasing the third book in this series, I knew I had to reacquaint myself with the characters and the atmosphere. I love all the different sub-genres of romance, but when you put two of my favorite together, paranormal and suspense, it was certainly no hardship to dive in. While I was reading this book, just like the first one in this fantastic series, a few things stand out for me:

Leslie Kelly can write creepy thrillers really well. Her extrasensory components are downright intriguing. She does a romance good. Her characters are always multi-layered and her twists and turns are always shocking. Just when you think you have your finger on who or why, she blinds you with her talent. That’s not so easy in suspense.

Olivia Wainwright has special abilities, she’s able to touch someone who has passed away and re-live the last two minutes and ten seconds of their life. While on one hand this could be a blessing helping so many people looking for answers, it’s also a curse. It’s not that she gets pictures in her head about what happened, but she actually feels and sees everything. You have to think eventually that would take a toll on anyone. If there is one thing about Liv, she’s very strong and she won’t give up. I love Olivia for her strengths and her vulnerabilities. The author does a great job of walking this line, especially given the circumstances as to how she came into these abilities.

Detective Gabe Cooper is working a case about a body found burned behind a wall of a bar. It turns out to be a young boy. Olivia is drawn to the scene after watching a news report about the crime. She needs to somehow convince Gabe to let her near the bones so she can see if it’s related to her past. You can imagine the detective’s reaction to what Olivia and the other agents are capable of. He’s aware of their agency, he’s just not convinced it’s a bunch of woo-woo crap. Gabe and Olivia go to the precinct and she tells him about what happened to her as a young child. If you haven’t noticed, I am being very vague on purpose. Gabe and his partner look up her files and realize that maybe she’s not so crazy after all.

This murder is directly related to Olivia’s past, and just when she thinks she’s safe from the horror of what happened to her, she realizes she won’t stop until justice is served. Not just for herself, but for the little boy who saved her life that terrible night. Gabe and Olivia are definitely attracted to one another. They have a nice warm build-up, but I was kinda wishing for something a little more. I love both characters and I buy their budding relationship, but I just didn’t feel very invested. What kept me turning the pages was catching the killer and how awesome the Agency members work so well together. Every single character in these books brings something to the table. They’re not next book bait.

Bodies are piling up, and some of the agents are having issues. Julia, with her ghost (damn it if anyone can figure this tangled mess, but I know Leslie can do it), dangerous Derek, who’s broody and very quiet and has his own ability that’s just as interesting, Mick Tanner and his gloved hands (which is in the next book and OMG you need to read it), Olivia’s younger sister, Gabe’s partner Ty. This book seriously had my feelings all over the place. The stakes were high, the clock was ticking, and when the clock was winding down, the author took it to the next level. Surprises, twists, romance, heartache, closure. Everything that will keep you up late at night reading.



Gifted with the ability to relive a murder victim’s final minutes, Olivia Wainwright isn’t sure if her powers are a blessing or a curse. She is haunted by the things she’s seen, heard, and felt…but takes comfort in the fact that she is helping to solve murders and save lives.

Savannah Detective Gabe Cooper isn’t sure about Olivia’s abilities, but he knows she’s an amazing woman. And the more he gets to know her, the more he wants to protect her from any danger…including her own dark power.

Now the two of them must team up to catch a killer. The monster has been taking children for years…and time is running out to save his latest victim.

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