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Sandy M’s review of The Three Fates of Ryan Love (Beyond, Book 2) by Erin Quinn
Paranormal Romance published by Pocket Books 27 Jan 2015

Irritates me I took so long to read this book! Erin Quinn is an absolute favorite of mine, and I’ve been waiting for this book since I finished reading The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, the first book in the series. But sometimes between everyday life and other obligations, things don’t go as you want, and, unfortunately, this book kept being pushed back a little at a time. However, the time finally arrived that I sat down and entered the Beyond once again with Ms. Quinn and her amazing talent.

Ryan is the oldest of the Love siblings, and along with younger sister Ruby he’s keeping the family restaurant open for mostly sentimental reasons. The death of his younger brother still pains Ryan to the core, and little sister Roxanne’s relationship with that demon she loves is a sore spot for him. But he’s getting through and that’s about all that can be said about his life currently. Until one dark and stormy night…

Deciding rebellion is better than continued enslavement, Sabelle crosses – painfully – from the Beyond into Ryan’s world with an agenda all her own, though she’s been Ryan’s fate guide and has admired him through her years with him. She’s dreamed of him often, wanting to meet him, but until now there was never any hope of that happening. Knowing his life is about to explode, Sabelle gets his attention just in time. As if the man would be able to ignore such a beautiful and naked woman.

He’s a bit peeved that Sabelle has been interfering in his life. And she wants to get to know him much, much better. They can’t resist each other at all, even while they don’t totally trust each other. That trust has to be earned on both sides, and since they both have deep secrets, it’s a crazy ride we get to take with them. Though Ryan’s siblings, Reece and Roxanne, were well acquainted with the Beyond for so long, Ryan is on the other end of that spectrum, learning everything as he trips along with Sabelle toward her end game, whatever that may be. Not only does trust count for a lot, but Ryan has to also deal with a bit of faith, truth, and what he eventually believes in. He has a way to go to get out of the dark.

Sabelle also has struggles with those same issues, just in a whole different way. Her “mother” is a piece of work, a goddess who goes to any length for her power. It’s mind boggling all she’s kept hidden from Sabelle over the eons, so it’s not difficult to see where the girl’s trust issues take a nose dive. But Ryan and Sabelle are connected in so many ways, and it’s an eye opening experience for all involved, including the reader, to see those ways come to light as their attraction grows to finally hit epic proportions – so much so Ryan has to give up everything to pull Sabelle back to him forever.

We get to visit with Roxanne and Santo from Book 1. More trust in the works for Ryan when it comes to that demon husband of Roxanne’s. But everyone is thankful for him in the end. There’s action and suspense around nearly every corner in this story. The paranormal is always beyond the best when it comes to Ms. Quinn’s books, so that goes without saying here. Ryan and Sabelle are as intriguing and steamy as can be, and I enjoyed every minute of their journey. I hope Ruby Love is up next. I also keep hoping since we are dealing with the paranormal that Reece will come back and get his happily ever after, but no idea if that will ever happen. Probably not, but a girl can hope!

sandym-iconGrade: A


An oracle unexpectedly transforms her destiny when she alters the fate of the man she loves in this thrilling second novel from award-winning romance author Erin Quinn’s captivating new series.

Will love be their salvation . . .

Ryan Love’s life goes up in flames within minutes of coming to the rescue of Sabelle, a drop-dead gorgeous woman who claims she’s there to save him. Still reeling from the explosion that destroys his home and business, Ryan can’t believe Sabelle is who she says: a powerful oracle from the Beyond, but before long Ryan realizes that whether he believes or not, he and Sabelle are in danger and she is the key to survival.

. . . or their downfall?

For years, Sabelle has guided Ryan’s fate, but now she’s fighting for her own survival and she must put her fate in his hands. She’s broken all rules and entered Ryan’s world only to find her powers stripped and their enemies running them to ground. In a race against time, Ryan discovers he cannot live without Sabelle, his seductive and devoted prophet. But can he protect her from the dark forces closing in—or will he die trying?

Read an excerpt.

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