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Sandy M’s review of Texas Hold’em (Hotter in Texas, Book 3) by Christie Craig
Contemporary Romance published by Hachett Book Group 28 Jan 14

I absolutely love the way Christie Craig meshes humor with romantic suspense, along with all the denial and angst a man goes through when it’s beginning to dawn on him there’s a possibility he can be shackled by a woman. Of course, if he’ll listen to his heart instead of the panic that sets in, life wouldn’t get so complicated for a while. But then we wouldn’t have a fun and lovable story to read.

Austin and his partners are still moving forward to get their revenge on the man who put them in prison for murder, thus ending their law enforcement careers. They’re PIs now, which has worked out well for them, but getting Rafael DeLuna is their number one priority. When the opportunity comes up to get close to DeLuna’s half-sister, hoping to discover something new about the man, Austin jumps in with both feet. He moves next door to Leah Reece and begins a seduction that lures her into his web. Or so he thinks.

Having had enough of useless men in her life, from her father to her ex to her criminal half-brother, Leah is perfectly happy with her life as is – running her own veterinarian clinic, her younger brother to keep her on her toes, friends to socialize with, and her fur babies to keep her company.  But when Rafael begins calling, Leah knows she has to keep to do something to keep safe everything she holds dear. Then the new guy next door seems to pop up where she least expects him, and after a while she’s glad he does. Austin makes her laugh and makes her feel like a woman with every look and touch.

I enjoyed the antics Austin goes through to keep his cover and investigate as much as possible without rousing Leah’s suspicions. His fear of cats is absolutely hilarious when he’s stuck in her apartment with four of her beloved kitties. I also like the fact we don’t have to wait forever before these two to hit the sheets, because they definitely have chemistry and I wanted to see it from every angle. The relationship between the three partners is typically male, but with Christie Craig’s sense of humor it’s pushed to the next level. Leah’s protectiveness comes out in full force when it seems Rafael is out to recruit their younger brother. She’s not about to let that happen.

There’s also a side romance with Leah’s friend and assistant at the clinic, Sara, and Roberto, the man Austin and his partners have hired to get close to Rafael to help take the jerk down. Their story is just as poignant and intense as Austin’s and Leah’s, and it never takes away from the main romance. I love it when I get a second romance in any book.

As usual, Ms. Craig pulls me in and keeps me reading, long after I should have put the book down for everyday life. I can never wait to see what she’s going to come up with next, though. I’m always surprised at the goings-on throughout her books and very happy to have spent time with her characters.

sandym-iconGrade: A


The last thing veterinarian Leah Reece needs is a man in her life. They’re nothing but trouble-and not even the fun kind. But when her apartment is broken into and Leah suspects Rafael, her dangerous half-brother, of foul play, she can’t deny she could use a little help. She just never expected that help would come with twinkling blue eyes and a sexy smile…

All PI Austin Brook wants is to nail Rafael DeLuna, the man who framed him for murder. He’ll do anything for information-even lie about his identity to charm Leah, DeLuna’s half-sister. But her sweet dimples and fiery spirit soon make her more than just his only lead. Leah becomes his every desire. As Austin closes in on DeLuna, it’s clear he won’t go down without a fight. Now the only way Austin can protect Leah is to reveal all of his secrets and risk losing her for good.

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