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Duckies Do SeriesDinca’s Duckies Do Series review of Ladies of Impropriety by Bronwyn Scott
Historical Romance published by Harlequin Historical July – Aug 13

I really enjoy reading the works of Bronwyn Scott. They are always entertaining with realistic characters, even if they are out of the norm of society.

Book CoverA Lady Dares, Book 1

In this first book of the series, Elise Sutton breaks all the rules. She is a woman in a man’s world trying to hold her own after her father’s death. Only if the half-finished ship she helped design is completed and proven seaworthy will she be able to prove herself as an architect of ships.  The boat builders in the shipyard will not work for a woman and the bank withdraws its financial support of the project. Her only hope is a privateer who has no shame. But Elise will hire the devil himself if it will get her project completed in time for the race.

When her brother introduces her to the infamous Dorian Rowland, she hires him to complete her ship. Elise is assaulted by unwanted, unfamiliar feelings around Dorian.  His high-handedness is too much, especially when he bans her from her own shipyard. A mutual respect and friendship starts growing between them during the progress meetings at her home in the evenings. When the shipyard is plagued with accidents and vandalism, she realizes her very existence is at stake.

Dorian abandoned his place in polite society a long time ago. Now that he is stranded in England, he needs a ship and the funds to get back to Gibraltar. Meeting the lovely Elise is the answer to both of his problems. What better way than to build one? If she can’t afford to pay him, he can take it out in possession of the ship.  He doesn’t count on becoming her personal bodyguard and shipyard protector. He makes no secret of his attraction to Elise and really enjoys teasing her and taking advantage of her scandalous position in society by scheduling evening meetings to keep her updated on the progress at the shipyard. He has to discover if the problems at the shipyard are aimed at her or because of him. The more Dorian is involved with Elise and the danger his very presence causes her draws them closer. He admires her strength, confidence, intelligence, and independence – not to mention the physical package.

I really enjoyed the ending of this story and the yacht race.  It has me dreaming of sailing off into the wild blue yonder with my own hero.

Grade: A



According to society, I, Elise Sutton, haven’t been a lady for quite some time—a lady couldn’t possibly run the family company and spend her days on London’s crowded, tar-stained docks. And she most certainly wouldn’t associate herself with the infamous Dorian Rowland—privateer, smuggler and the Scourge of Gibraltar himself!

But I need Rowland and his specialized expertise—especially with the wolves circling, waiting for me to fail. I yearn to feel alive, and Rowland, who can kiss like the devil, inflames my senses and makes me dare to break free…

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Book CoverA Lady Risks All, Book 2

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is very entertaining.

Skilled at billiards, Mercedes Lockhart is another woman in a man’s world and billiard parlors are no place for a lady. Mercedes has learned from her father and she knows she has it in her to be a champion, and she want that title for herself. When her father calls her to discuss the tournament, she is devastated when he asks her to teach his new protégé what it takes to be a champion. She is dead set on showing her father she has the skill, talent, and ambition to be the champion.

Captain Greer Barrington couldn’t care less about being a champion billiard player. He thinks the hustling and gaming halls are beneath his station. He finds his distaste for gambling is offset by his desire for the beautiful Mercedes. She makes the game worth the high stakes.

Both of these characters know what they want and stick to the ‘game’ for their own personal reasons, which they do not share with the other. It is worth the read if you like fun, playful, and delightfully sensual characters.

Grade: A


Seducing the Captain

It would be unwise to mistake me for an innocent debutante—for years I have graced the smoky gloom of many a billiards club and honed my skills at my father’s side.

But now he has a new protégé—Captain Greer Barrington—and while my father would see me attract the attentions of an eligible lord I, Mercedes Lockhart, have other ambitions.… Even if that means seducing the captain to earn back my father’s favor! I know I must avoid falling for Greer’s charming smile…but his sensual kisses could be worth the risk…

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Book CoverA Lady Seduces, Book 3

Lucia Booth first shows up in A Lady Risk All, Book 2 of this series. I was hoping she would have her own story, and Bronwyn Scott does not let me down. I knew there had to be more to her than running a ‘gentlemen’s club.’  I would never have dreamed she’s a spy hiding out in England. Her character is very well developed with an enticing personality. I admire her thought process and how she decides to take the risk on Ronan.

Ronan St. Simon has spent years searching for the seductive La Mariposa. Now she is within his grasps. He has to earn her trust and come to grips with their past before he can claim her as his own. Getting past her defenses is a far more difficult challenge than getting them to safety before their past catches up to them.

The way they go about earning each other’s trust is very entertaining. I think I enjoyed Book 3 of the trilogy best of all. No spoilers here, just start reading and get ready for an enjoyable trip through England.

Grade: A


Once she was known as La Mariposa, Vienna’s most seductive-and most dangerous-spy. Then betrayal sent Lucia Booth back to England, and a life of anonymity. Until the one man she never thought she’d see again shows up at her “gentlemen’s club”. But has virile spymaster Ronan St. Simon come for her secret-or for her?

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I’m a huge fan of Bronwyn Scott and really enjoyed reading these Ladies of Impropriety. They are chockfull of humor and sensual undertones. The love scenes are believable and very well done, as usual. I enjoy reading books that have been edited with care, thus I do not recall any typos in this series. Very refreshing.

Overall Grade: A