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Book CoverSandy M’s review of The Protected (FBI Psychics, Book 4) by Shiloh Walker
Paranormal Romance published by Berkley Trade 3 Sep 13

Yes, I say it every time – I love this series. Shiloh Walker gets better and better with every book. She keeps me riveted to the page, my heart pounding with fear and then desire, my emotions churning every which way. These characters are working toward the same goal, but trust is a huge pivotal point that is long in coming.

Vaughnne MacMeans is a bit upset with her boss, Taylor Jones, who is the leader of the FBI psychic unit she works with. Just coming off a dangerous and emotional mission, she needs more time before heading into another. Boss man has assured her that this new one is only a babysitting job. He’s learned of a young boy whose abilities have placed him in danger and she just needs to keep an eye on him and his father while Jones arranges things on his end. Going back to Orlando is the last thing she wants to do, but somehow that’s where she ends up.

Having been on the run four years, Gus Hernandez is tired. But keeping Alex safe is the promise he made and that’s what he’ll do until his last breath. The boy’s abilities have helped out, letting Gus know when “they” are close again, allowing him time to get them on the road, running once more. Their new neighbor is intriguing, but the best thing is to stay as far away from her as possible. He doesn’t trust anyone. At all. That was lost when he couldn’t save his sister from a monster he’d love to get his hands on.

As I’ve mentioned before, the psychic power of the characters in this series is as much a star in the stories as the characters themselves. The range of abilities is as varied as it is amazing. Vaughnne’s gift is telepathic. From disabling the bad guy to calling for help, her gift is one Gus and Alex need, along with trust, but Gus is having none of it. Alex’s ability is off the charts, but he’s untrained to the point of losing control at the wrong time. When her cover is blown, Vaughnne tries to get Gus to see how taking Alex to Taylor Jones is the best thing for him. Gus runs. I have to say, Vaughnne has more patience with this hero than I’d ever have. As much as I like him, he needs a swift kick in the butt.

Now, to be fair, however, Gus has the training to keep Alex safe, and he’s done a credible job of it so far. But there are extraneous factors working against him, bringing danger to their door as soon as the last is vanquished. He learns this the hard way when he finally gives Vaughnne the slip and he’s now fighting alone against powers he doesn’t fully understand, no matter what Vaughnne has tried to explain and what he’s seen. I wanted to shake him a few times at the stunts he pulls, but it’s love in so many forms that is pushing him, and you can’t blame him one bit. When he finally decides to trust Vaughnne, especially when she puts herself and her career on the line for him and Alex, it’s great to see him in full warrior mode.

We get to see other agents who we’ve read about in the series so far, and it’s nice to catch up and see them in action again. I love the way Taige puts Gus in his place; terrific scenes. Nalini and Tucker are very interesting characters and I hope they do get their own book(s). No idea if they’re slated to be together, but it sure seems that way after this story. Their abilities are different and powerful, and it will be doubly interesting to see what Ms. Walker does with them later. I do hope we get to see more of Alex in future books. He’s obviously going to be molded into the perfect agent for Taylor Jones, or so it seems to me. At least I hope so, because while we don’t get a huge amount of interaction with him in this book, what we do get gives endless possibilities.

This is one of those books you read way too fast and then have forever to wait for the next one. But it’s worth it, especially because the next one is better than the last, which creates more anticipation for the future. Sounds like a huge, never-ending cycle, but I’m more than happy to be caught up in it with these characters who give their all for justice, love, and each other.

SandyMGrade: A+



Agent Vaughnne MacMeans would do anything to avoid setting foot in Orlando again. But her new assignment, keeping tabs on a psychic kid who may or may not be in danger, is forcing her right back to the city where her sister was murdered. And the Special Agent in Charge isn’t taking no for an answer.


Protecting the boy Alex is a priority for Gus. Gus may not understand the boy’s “gift” but he just knows that some people would kill for it. When a beautiful stranger moves in next door, his impulse is to take the kid and run. But Gus has learned never to flee without a plan, and besides…she doesn’t exactly look like an assassin.


When some dangerous people from Gus’s past catch up to him and Alex, it’s too late to run. His cute neighbor is the last person he thought he could turn to, but Vaughnne isn’t just cute. She’s fearless. And she’s the only chance Gus and Alex have left.

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