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Book CoverSandy M’s review of The Accidental Duchess by Sandy Blair
Historical Romance novella published by Winn-Hampton Press 21 Mar 13

I have such fun when reading Sandy Blair’s books. This is the one story of hers I’d not read until now, so I’m very glad it’s been reissued. I so enjoy the way Ms. Blair takes one of my favorite tropes and gives it her own special twist.

Rachael O’Leary has just been let go from her position as governess to a very spoiled child of a nobleman. Having no place to go and not wanting to fight the blizzard blanketing London, she discovers an empty townhouse that will shelter her quite nicely for the night, giving her a chance to regroup and start fresh in the morning – breaking and entering aside, of course.

Financial problems plaguing him, Connor Kenroe, the Duke of Kilgory, has come to his London home for peace and quiet to figure out how to save his Scottish family home, Bel Cameroon. With the scent of chocolate in the air, Connor discovers a not-so-unwelcome surprise in his bed – a beautiful Irish lass who has the feistiness to take his mind off most of his problems, most notably his busybody mother and his ex-fiance who suddenly wants back in his life. When they’re caught together in his bed chamber, all works out for the moment when Connor explains to them Rachael is his new fiance, hoping to nip these two problems in the bud.

Rachael has done her best over the winter to put coin in her pocket by baking pastries for local inns and other businesses. Having collected nearly enough to get her back on her feet, that’s when disaster strikes. Her beautiful cakes stored in the kitchens below are no longer when Connor and his companion get their grubby hands on them. On top of that Connor’s mother does her best to run Rachael off, but when she stands her ground, the two find they have a mutual interest, and a new venture is in the works. I really like the fact that Rachael and Connor’s mother get along and work together. This very rarely happens in romance.

In the meantime, fighting his attraction to Rachael — well, he really doesn’t want to do that — and trying to curb his mother’s spending, Connor is no closer to a solution to his current problems. But Rachael has a couple more surprises for Connor, both of which will bring him the love and happiness he’s been missing for so very long.

I love these two characters. Sandy Blair has such a talent for creating the perfect Scottish hero and a heroine full of spunk who can handle all that hunkiness. Be sure to take the time to get to know Connor and Rachael. They’ll spark up your life in no time at all.

SandyMGrade: B+


Destitute governess Rachael O’Leary finds shelter during a blizzard in a shuttered London townhouse, knowing nothing of its owner or why it stands empty.

Needing a few weeks of peace in order to sort out his financial problems and secure his childhood Highland home, Connor Kenroe, the Duke of Kilgory, returns to his closed London townhouse after a long sojourn in Egypt to find a lovely slip of a woman asleep in his bed.

When his shocked mother and ex-fiancée arrive unexpectedly at the bedroom door, he spouts the first lie that comes to mind, trapping himself and his feisty trespasser in a complicated web of lies they now have to unravel.

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