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Book CoverSandy M’s review of No Turning Back (Hanover Brothers, Book 1) by HelenKay Dimon
Contemporary Romance published by InterMix 19 Mar 13

I love series about brothers, and HelenKay Dimon has given me the Hanover brothers. All I can say is, “Thank you!”

The name Hanover causes anger and evokes bad, bad memories when mentioned in Sweetwater, Oregon. Now the sons of Charlie Hanover, a conman who fleeced so many, are back in town to claim their inheritance – Shadow Hill. The home Leah Baron has promised her father would once again be owned by their family. Her chance has now come, but coming into contact with Declan Hanover doesn’t quite go as she’s planned for so many years, after being fed hate and derision for things done she only experienced the consequences of.

Delcan and his brothers plan to sell Shadow Hill and get out of town, not wanting to live where the misery that’s been their lives started with their father when they were young. But after just discharging from the service – and meeting Leah – a home sounds just like what they all need. Talking his siblings into staying, they hunker down to fix up the house and show the townsfolk they’re nothing like their father. Which includes Leah. Declan is determined to have her, despite the uphill job ahead of him.

I really like Declan. He takes what the world has thrown at him with honor, as do his brothers. They’ve received cold shoulders and derogatory remarks all their lives no matter where they were across the country. What their father did has left its mark, but they wear the brunt of that well, after learning to live with hurt people inflict. Though they’ve done their own thing over the years, they still have each other’s backs when necessary. It does take a bit to warm up to Leah. She has a lifetime of her father spewing Hanover hate to overcome, and in the beginning she believes everything her father has ever told her about what happened all those years ago with Charlie, so I did give her some slack. For me, she goes a little too long with her suspicions about the brothers, especially after they’ve proven to her they’re trustworthy. But she does finally see the light, and not a moment too soon. She has a lot more heartache to get through yet.

Callan, the oldest brother, is the one who really fascinates me and I’m looking forward to his story. But it’s Beck who’s up next and his book is out in July. Can’t wait.

SandyMGrade: B


After ten years in the Army and four overseas deployments, Declan Hanover is ready for life away from a military base. Sweetwater, Oregon, a sleepy coastal town, seems like the perfect place to start over. His plan is to work out a deal with his brothers and the bank to let him keep the estate they’ve inherited, Shadow Hill. But he wasn’t prepared for Leah Baron, whose family lost everything to his father’s cons—including the house Declan intends to make his own…

Leah thinks Declan is just like his conman father. He possesses a bad boy charm that makes her heart pound, but that doesn’t mean she can trust him. All she wants is to get close to him so she can get her house back. But Declan has other ideas. He doesn’t mind being in close proximity to Leah—as long as it’s in the bedroom…

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