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Book Cover Dinca’s review of Gage (The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch, Book 5) by Delores Fossen
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Intrigue 3 Jul 12

The story of Gage is the next book in the The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch series. If you have enjoyed the rest of the series, you will love Gage’s story as well.   Once again, Ms. Fossen has done a wonderful job of keeping you guessing who the culprit(s) will be. I had no problem falling in love with Lynette and Gage, who are willing to give up everything they love for the safety of those they love.

Gage is an undercover CIA agent who faked his own death to protect the his loved ones, his growing family and his ex-wife. He comes back in disguise to save Lynnette from a hired hit man. He is not sure if the hit man was hired by the drug lord after him, someone who is threatening his family or the people Lynette is investigating. Convincing her to leave with him takes more time than they have to stay one step ahead of the assassin. Once Lynette sees through his disguise, the emotional fireworks break free.

Lynnette has a discussion to make and fast – a stranger who breaks into her house and says he is trying to save her or a hit man on the way. After he threatens to sedate her and take her away, she decides it is better to be on the run with a chance of getting away and surviving both than staying around and getting shot. While on the run from the hit man, she discovers her rescuer has not been sent by Gage but is Gage himself, back from the dead. And she’s already told him one of her secrets.

Whew! At least she stopped trying to escape from Gage. I am exhausted from all the running and I’m safe in my favorite chair. I have come to the conclusion that Ms. Fossen must run on adrenaline at full speed from book to book.  She comes up with the mean, backstabbing, nasty people and I can only hope they are a figment of her imagination and she doesn’t know anyone like that in real life.

I’m very relieved at the end at how the bad guy dies. Not as surprised at the guilty person as I was in the last book. But then, I wanted the bad guy to turn out to be just who he was. I would not have liked it if he’s somehow turned into a not-so-bad guy. Now with that confusing thought, I hope you will choose to read the story of Gage.  Sit back and hang on to the seat of your chair.

Dincas iconGrade: A


He faked his death for good reason, but CIA operative Gage Ryland has a better reason to come back from the grave. Though they had a bitter breakup years ago, Gage wants to save his ex-wife—his very pregnant ex-wife—Lynette Herrington from a vengeful hit man. Obviously the baby proves she’s gotten over Gage. Or has she? While on the run, Gage feels the attraction between them heating up and yet he knows he must undo a decade of hurt and separation before she’ll put her trust in them again. But complicating his emotions is Lynette’s pregnancy…and how, as she claims, her unborn child could be his.

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