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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Letting Go by Sarah McCarty
Erotic romance short story ebook published by Spice Briefs 01 May 12

Letting Go was first released back in 2007 and was actually one of the launch titles for the Spice Briefs line.  In 2012, Harlequin decided to reissue the story with a new cover.  Given that this is a light BDSM tale, it doesn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to figure out why Harlequin would reissue this one in the wake of Fifty Shades.  Unfortunately for me, the girl who is burnt out on BDSM erotic-anything, my ability to read in between the lines of back cover copy obviously was out to lunch the day this one landed in my online shopping cart.

Marc and Becky have been married for two years now.  They’ve taken a vacation to a remote cabin with a cooler full of food and a box of various sex toys.  Becky’s mission on this trip?  To drop all her inhibitions and allow Marc to be the man he’s supposed to be.  Yep, you guessed it – Marc is dominant and for the last two years he’s been holding back his true nature for Becky’s sake.

Insert eyeroll.

Whether or not a reader will enjoy this story pretty much entirely rests on their tolerance for buttsecks and Becky.  Anal is anal, but the best way to illustrate Becky’s character is to just give examples of what I slogged through over the course of this slim story:

“Because she was so sick of not being who she wanted to be with him.”


“‘The one place I never wanted to be in charge was the bedroom.’”  And it was the one place where she couldn’t seem to let go.”

And yet more….

“Hard, deep, his focus on his pleasure.  Oh yes.  She wanted him to take her like that.  To use her for his satisfaction, to let her be nothing more than what he needed this once.  Not having to think, to worry, just being there to satisfy him would be so good.”

If you are not completely and utterly sick of BDSM, cannot get enough of the heroine always being submissive and the hero always being dominant, and you can read those snippets without wanting to punch the heroine in the face?  Then yes, this hot little short story may be for you.  For me, personally, it was a massive 20-page slog.

Wendy TSLGrade: D


Marc and Becky leave real life behind for a remote cabin in the woods–no work, no pets, and no distractions. All they’ve got to pass the time is a roaring fire, their hottest fantasies and a box of naughty toys designed to please…

But their time away is about more than a little fun in bed. They’ve devoted this trip to obliterating all inhibitions between them…if Becky can learn to stop holding back and just let go.

Read an excerpt.