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LynneC’s review of On A Snowy Christmas Night (Made in Montana, Book 3) by Debbi Rawlins
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Blaze 13 Nov 12

A Christmas book about the McAllister family, who are working to make a success of their ranch. I have been enjoying this series, and this is no exception. A simple, uncomplicated, well-written read.

Jesse McAllister is back from the Air Force, where he enlisted so he could learn to fly. Still restless, he’s thinking about re-enlisting. Although they’ve decided not to have guests during the holidays, they’ve offered to house Shea Monroe, who has volunteered at the local animal rescue shelter.

Shea Monroe is a computer nerd who doesn’t make friends easily. She’s socially awkward and shy, and, to her annoyance, has never overcome that problem, however hard she tries.

So two misfits meeting at the ranch at Christmas. Add to that an adventure where Jesse has to rescue Shea and then they’re snowed in just long enough to get really friendly, and you have a comfortable read.

I thinkt Debbi Rawlins shows Shea’s social problems really well, enough that she might know someone who suffers in this way. There are some scenes that are beautifully described, in awkward detail, when Shea thinks she says the wrong thing or acts in the wrong way. Instantly recognizable to most of us readers, and a great way to sympathize with the heroine and get into her mindset. She’s not perfect, but she’s not as bad as she thinks she is.

The book takes place in the space of a week. We get to read about life on the ranch and the people who live there, as well as revisiting other characters from the series, but not in a sequel-bait way. It’s just good to see them still together and still happy. I seem to have read a lot this year about ranches in winter, the difficulties they face and the way they all muck in together to sustain themselves. Bring it on, I say. I totally enjoyed it.

Jesse is equally well-depicted, a man not sure of what he wants or where he fits in. He even looks different to the others, in that he has the remnants of his military haircut or, in his case, Air Force haircut. He wasn’t happy in the air force, either, knowing he didn’t fit there, but he did his duty to the best of his ability, and re-enlisting would be his way of developing his career.

It’s lovely to read how these two come together and discover similarities and a simpatico that make it easy to believe that, although the action of the story takes place in a mere week, they have a very good shot at a happy ever after.

LynneCs iconGrade: B


This cowboy will keep her very warm…After serving in the air force, cowboy Jesse McAllister has returned to the Montana countryside where he grew up. But the Sundance Dude Ranch just doesn’t feel like home anymore. That is, until Shea Monroe arrives for the holidays…and sends him for a tailspin.

Desperate to escape her family—and the human race—the ranch is sweet relief for a loner like Shea. But hot cowboys… What was she thinking? Worse yet, she’s having delicious thoughts about one who seems just as alone as she is!

All it takes is one night—and one very blustery blizzard—for their attraction to ignite big-time.

One night where the only thing to do is give in….

Read an excerpt.

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