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Sandy M’s review of Come Fly with Me (Alaskan Nights, Book 2) by Addison Fox
Contemporary Romance published by Signet 6 Nov 12

I’m angry with myself for not reading the first book in this series, Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I had every intention of sitting down with it, and then one thing led to another, life got busy, and unfortunately it slipped through the cracks. My loss. Addison Fox’s writing is fresh and fun, her characters are charming and complex, and that’s not just her contemps. I’ve read a few of her paranormals and I feel the same about those. Missing one of her books just isn’t acceptable. She’s that good. I’m going to try my best to get caught up on both of her series and then ever miss another one.

So in this story, Mick and Grier have already been together once. Whether that happened in the first book, I have no way of knowing now. If it did, though I don’t believe I missed a lot of the feelings, good or bad, that happened between them at the time, it still would be nice to know that and whatever else happened between them when picking up their story. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot. Mick isn’t about to let go when it comes to Grier, despite her doing her best to avoid him. She’s doing that only because she’ll be leaving in a few short weeks, once her father’s will and the problems that have come along with it are settled. So she doesn’t want to start something neither one of them can finish. Her life is back in the lower 48 and she’s going back to it when the time comes, even though she’s not entirely sure that’s the best place for her because her ex-fiance, along with the heartache and humiliation he wrought, is still there.

Mick’s life, of course, is in Indigo. His entire life has been in Alaska. He’s a pilot and co-owner in a charter business that keeps him busy, and life is good. His one night with Grier wasn’t enough and he definitely wants more of her. He begins his campaign of making sure she stays in his life, and I have to say, the more the man tries, the move you fall in love with him. And so does Grier. But she’ll only go as far as enjoying him in the moment. Therefore, the grandmothers of the three Alaskan-grown men, whom this series is based on, they feel need to settle down return to action to insure Mick and Grier have a happily-ever-after.

And that brings us to the other characters in this series. They’re all fun and take care of their own. Even the grandmothers, though their hearts are in the right place, at points express doubts at their “meddling.” But the meddling they do isn’t as blatant as what I’ve read in similar stories. They’re upfront and honest, something rare when folks do what they’re perhaps not supposed to. I really like the friendship between Grier and her BFFs. It’s true friendship, and it’s like our relationships we have with our girlfriends, fun but honest, always having each other’s backs, someone you can talk to about anything.

Then there’s Grier’s relationship with her half-sister Kate. Things aren’t all peaches and cream when Grier first hits town, Kate stonewalling as best she can so Grier doesn’t get anything of their father’s. It’s not until Grier’s ex, Jason, pops into Indigo to win her back that Kate begins to look at things a bit differently. I think that’s a nice turnaround in more ways than one. We also get a look at Roman and Avery’s relationship – or non-relationship, as the case may be – to get ready for the next book. I’m really looking forward to that one. A lot has happened between them already, so making up will be fun but also hurtful and tumultuous, I’m sure.

These characters come to life in the pages of Ms. Fox’s books. They live real lives, have real issues and resolve those issues the best they can, though sometimes they make a misstep along the way. Fun is always a part of those lives, especially in the wild, sprawling space of Alaska. This is an inviting, friendly, and romantic series, one you shouldn’t miss. Take it from someone who’s missed part of it and regrets that big time.

SandyMGrade: B+


How do you say no to a man at thirty thousand feet?

When Grier Thompson is called to Indigo, Alaska, to deal with the estate of her estranged late father, the last things she expects to find are a hotly contested will, a hostile half sister who has never known Grier exists, or an entire town that doesn’t take kindly to this stranger. Except maybe for Mick O’Shaughnessy.

An Indigo native, Mick has all he wants in life: a soft flannel shirt, a nice cottage, and a thriving airline charter business. Could this simple life get any better? One look at Grier and Mick discovers the answer is a resounding yes. She thinks so too—and if it weren’t for her family baggage, maybe she could relax and enjoy herself before it’s time to return to real life.

But then an unexpected visitor from Grier’s past unsettles the community just when the residents are finally starting to warm to her. By the time Mick comes out of the clouds to realize he’s fallen head over heels in love, it might just be too late to win Grier’s heart.

No excerpt available.

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