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Book CoverDinca’s review of The Yankee Gentleman & His Southern Belle by Tammy Lynn
Historical Romance published by Tammy Lynn 26 Sept 12

I am not really sure how I feel about this ‘Love Story” and it is a love story, I think, although not every generation had a happily ever after. At times it is confusing and I got a little lost hopping from one generation diary to another. I am glad I finished the story. It can be surprising where you find your heroes.

Every generation of Chambers women had the same feelings for Chamberlain men. The names get a little confusing too. It would have helped if all the diary readings started with a date. Some do and it certainly cleared up the generation hop. The story never states the age of Kitten and EJ, yet makes it sound that they are in child-bearing age, only EJ already has gray hair.  If her mother is 70, that would most likely make Kitten pushing 40. I guess I am saying I would have liked this to be clarified in the book.

This is a tale of love replayed over several generations since the Civil War. When the story starts, I think Kitten is on a plantation in about the 1940s or ’50s. Then all of a sudden they are using cell phones.  So now we are up to at least the 1990s. I find it hard to believe that we are reading about only four generations in over 130 years – make that 150 years since the first generation were adults in 1864. If you take out all the uncertainties, you have a very interesting story line.

Intense feelings are always felt when the couples get near each other or in the room where the first Yankee Chamberlain stayed. The author does an excellent job with all intense feelings of the characters. As the story unfolds, Kitten and EJ discover they both grew up reading the diaries of their parents and grandparents. When he feels something is missing in his life, he leaves his wife and finds the plantation and its owner to be just like what he has read all these years. They discover the intense feeling have not skipped a generation.

There is a full-blown present day story complete with a weather forecast which causes disaster and deaths. Strong characters emerge on all fronts and for some reason I find myself rooting for EJ’s wife, who is not the heroine of the story. But I think she is mine and I will not tell you why because that is how the story ends. You will just have to read it for yourself.

I have to give it a B because it has a unique story line and the characters are well developed and interesting. The confusion keeps the score from being graded higher. There are also a few editing errors.  If you are into detailed, tasteful love scenes you will enjoy it, whatever the grade. I must say Tammy Lynn does a very good job on the love scenes.

Dincas iconGrade:B


Kitten Chambers and EJ Chamberlain are brought together by history and fall in love just like generations before. The drawback, he’s married, just like every generation before. Excerpts of diaries tell just how each generation loved and lived, and wanted that happiness. When her family home is damaged by a tornado, he comes to help her rebuild and they find their loved, indeed, transcends time. Will their love, though, be enough, or, like all the others, will she be left by herself while he goes back to his wife?

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