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Winter is a wonderful time to catch up on reading.  This is because bad weather regularly strands us at home.  Even when it doesn’t, the roads are icy, all the shopping centers are mobbed, and sometimes the only way to get to the car is by shovel.

There is a lot at home to avoid, too:  all those gifts waiting to be wrapped, goodies that have to be baked, and the holiday songs that must be rehearsed before the next party.  From year to year I forget what I’m supposed to sing for the last six verses of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  I’m serious; by the time I reach five golden rings, I start making it up as I go along (it’s ten ladies whining, right?)

There’s also nothing to watch on television but holiday specials, reruns, or those beloved classic films that some channels insist on playing in marathon fashion.  I don’t know about you, but 24 hours of nothing but A Christmas Story seems to lose its charm by the third consecutive showing.

Even when we do have to go out, we must first dress appropriately, which means layering on the thermal underwear, warm clothes, heavy coats, scarves, hats, gloves . . . all of which make us look like we should be hovering over a parade float instead of getting the mail or walking the dogs.  I’m not too proud to admit that now and then during the coldest days I’ve gotten in the car and cranked up the heat so I can drive down to the mailbox.  We have a really long driveway.  I’ve never measured it, but in winter it feels like ten miles one way.

Reading, on the other hand, is something I can do curled up in my favorite armchair with a quilt and a mug of hot chocolate.  It’s a cozy, relaxing way to spend a couple of hours, the dogs love cuddle up with me and my book, and it doesn’t require a frost scraper, multiple applications of Chapstick, or trying to remember the correct order of things my true love gave to me (maybe it’s ten writers writing.  Or if it isn’t, it should be.)

Book Cover

So if we’re all agreed that the best thing to do during the long, cold winters is to read, I will mention that my latest novel, Nightbred, is being released on December 4th.  Nightbred tells the story of Chris Lang, a young woman who has been working nonstop for the past three years in order to attain the rank of tresora, the most trusted of the Kyn’s human allies.  Becoming a tresora is the only way that Chris can spend her life with Jamys Durand, the Kyn warrior she secretly loves.

Jamys Durand has also endured some horrible ordeals, but nothing has made him despair as much as falling in love with Chris.  Even if they could find a way to be together, he has nothing to offer her but his heart.  That’s why Jamys comes to the stronghold where Chris works, in search of a lost and very dangerous ancient treasure rumored to be hidden nearby.  Jamys will stop at nothing to find it and use it to provide a future for him and his lady.

Chris and Jamys are soon working together to track down the lost treasure, and in time they discover their feelings for each other run much deeper and wilder than either of them had ever imagined.  What they don’t know is that another immortal is on the hunt, too; one who has a terrifying power over humans and other Kyn.  For this hidden enemy once owned the priceless treasure and will do whatever it takes to steal it — and Chris — from Jamys.

Nightbred is the second book in my Lords of the Darkyn trilogy, and while I’m probably biased, I think it will make a wonderful read for the holidays.  It offers a terrific cast of characters, plenty of romance and adventure, and a few things you might not expect (like pirates.)  Add Nightbred to your pile of winter reads, and prepare to be whisked away to a tropical paradise of beautiful beaches, dangerous loves, gorgeous deserted islands and absolutely no frost, ice or snow storms whatsoever.

[Ed. Lynn is giving away a gift tote crammed full of goodies – signed paperback copies of Nightborn and Nightbred, a limited edition beaded Bookloop, an unsigned trade paperback copy of Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen (one of her favorite authors to read during long cold winter nights), a Corelle bamboo mug, packets of hot cocoa mix in five different, luscious flavors and a box of Walker’s shortbread. The tote is one Lynn made herself; she’s been experimenting with holographic thread and she quilted the entire piece with it. There’s a hand-dyed silk ribbon with some abalone shell accents, and the effect of the fabric and the thread makes it look a bit like the ribbon is floating on water. So be sure to leave a meaningful comment or question for Lynn to perhaps have this terrific prize sent your way!]