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Sandy M’s review of The Perfect Hope (Inn BoonsBoro, Book 3) by Nora Roberts
Contemporary Paranormal Romance published by Berkley Trade 6 Nov 12

I have been anxiously waiting for Ryder and Hope’s story while also mourning the end of this wonderfully emotional trilogy. I’m amazed as the rest of you that Nora Roberts is able to come up with original ideas, write beautiful stories, all with such frequency even after all these years. Thank the heavens she does. She’s kept me spellbound for months now with her Inn BoonsBoro characters and fun. I could go for another three or four books, but I know she moved on to her next project ages ago. Now doesn’t that make you curious as all get-out?

Ryder Montgomery and Hope Beaumont haven’t exactly gotten along since she became the innkeeper of the family inn. He’s a man of very few words, many of them sarcastic when aimed at her. Hope is the big-city girl who just may be too big for her new small-town britches, or so he thinks. At least that’s how they’ve looked at one another up to this point in time. But when they share another kiss, thoughts are hard to keep on their respective work. I love how straight-talking and honest they each are. After getting an earful from family and friends about how the sparks fly between from, Hope asks Ryder if he’s considering having sex with her. Can’t misinterpret that, now can you? And he doesn’t. Takes him a day to answer, but since that question hit him between the eyes, he can’t help but consider it. Thus, they schedule a date and time to get to know each other better. Doesn’t go quite as planned when the time comes, but that’s half the fun.

The other half is the intensity that follows them after that first night together. Along with the fact he can’t keep his hands off Hope, Ryder finds himself opening up, talking more than ever before. The woman does something to him. Then when her ex shows up, giving her an offer the jerk thinks she won’t be able to refuse, followed by the man’s jealous wife, Ryder takes the initiative in resolving the problem his own way. Though I can see where Hope is coming from when she protests his actions, to me this is Ryder saying “I love you” more than anything else, but neither of them realize that at the time.

I really enjoy the friendships in this series. All along Hope, Avery, and Clare are best friends, have those heart-to-heart girl talks that women need in their everyday lives. They share everything from pregnancy to careers to sex and everything in between. These ladies are also friends with their mother-in-law, who is one hip mother/friend/grandma/boss and a few others to make her an all-round great person anyone would love to know. The brothers are also best of friends. They poke at each other all the time, ribbing about all things male, but you know they’d fight to the end if any of them were in trouble.

Then there’s the resident ghost of the inn. We’ve followed Lizzy’s story since the first book, learning her plight and why she’s still haunting the very place she more than likely died. She’s also a friend of sorts to these characters, bringing them together when they drag their feet, defending them when the situation calls for it, and giving them clues to find her Billy and hopefully, finally giving her the peaceful rest she deserves. I like that Ms. Roberts throws us a curveball near the end, keeping us off guard when it comes to Lizzy, just as she does to everyone else involved. I know some folks out there won’t or aren’t thrilled with this paranormal aspect of the storyline, but I think it’s perfect with the history of both the town and the building that has gotten a new life, thanks to the Montgomery family.

As usual, Nora Roberts gives her fans fun, laughter, mystery, and love and romance to remember for a long time to come. I enjoyed every word of this trilogy and will miss these characters now that the end is here.

SandyMGrade: A+


Ryder is the hardest Montgomery brother to figure out—with a tough-as-nails outside and possibly nothing too soft underneath. He’s surly and unsociable, but when he straps on a tool belt, no woman can resist his sexy swagger. Except apparently Hope Beaumont, the innkeeper of his own Inn BoonsBoro…

As the former manager of a D.C. hotel, Hope is used to excitement and glamour, but that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate the joys of small-town living. She’s where she wants to be—except for in her love life. Her only interaction with the opposite sex has been sparring with the infuriating Ryder, who always seems to get under her skin. Still, no one can deny the electricity that crackles between them…a spark that ignited with a New Year’s Eve kiss.

While the Inn is running smoothly, thanks to Hope’s experience and unerring instincts, her big-city past is about to make an unwelcome—and embarrassing—appearance. Seeing Hope vulnerable stirs up Ryder’s emotions and makes him realize that while Hope may not be perfect, she just might be perfect for him…

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