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It’s that time of year, faithful reader – and let me pause to say how much I appreciate you…even if no one else reads my silliness, I take comfort in the fact that the two of us do – time to list my favorite reads of 2011. These are books I read and that were published in 2011, to clarify. My list ended up looking a little different this year – I had a four-way tie for favorite. Without further ado:

My Top Ten for 2011

Book Cover1. What I Did for a Duke – There was so much buzz about this that I had to pick it up, even though I was behind in the series. I am so glad I did! I can’t even explain why it was SO good. But it was my favorite historical romance of the year.

Book Cover1. Kiss of Snow – This was the story fans of the Psy/Changling series have been waiting for Hawke and Sienna’s story since they first met and I was very happy with their book. My favorite paranormal book of the year.

Book Cover1. Yours to Keep – I love the Kowalskis! Read this book and you will never look at Post-its the same way again. My favorite contemporary romance of the year.

Book Cover1. Dragon Bound – The first book of the best series I’ve read lately. I might have liked Serpent’s Kiss a bit more but this book established the world and set up everything that follows. Since I already listed a favorite paranormal book, this is my favorite fantasy book of the year.

Book Cover5. Serpent’s Kiss – Rune! Rune Rune Rune!! An excellent hero and an excellent book. Between Dragon Bound and this one, it was hard to decide which book I liked better and I thought Rune and Carling were a more even match than Dragos and Pia so I enjoyed reading about their relationship a bit more. Still, Dragon Bound was the first and a funner read (yeah, yeah…I used the word “funner”. So?!)

Book Cover6. ShadowFever – Whether it ended the way you wanted or not, it was epic. EPIC!

Book Cover7. Heart of Steel – Such a fun, swashbuckling read! So entertaining! Pirates! Zombies! Airships! If you haven’t read any of the Iron Seas books, you make me sad.

Book Cover8. Winning the Wallflower – Even though this is a novella, I enjoyed it so much! More than the full-length book book that spun out of it, even.

Book Cover9. To Love a Thief – If you like My Fair Lady-ish storylines, check this book out. 🙂

10. Silk is for Seduction – It was hard to round out my top ten but how could I go wrong with Loretta Chase?Book Cover

11. A Lot Like Love – Honorary mention for this one. When I looked back at my list to find books I would recommend to anyone, this one popped out.

Book Cover

A bonus – biggest disappointment (no, I still haven’t let it go): Breaking the Rules. I know, I’m bitter…it’s my own fault for having high hopes.

So, there you go, my faves for last year. I already have read some good ones for this year – you’ll hear about those soon enough – and hear rumors of more coming soon. Yay!

What were some of your favorites of 2011? Do you agree with mine or are you sitting there shaking your head at your computer? 😛