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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante by Bronwyn Scott
Historical Romance published by Harlequin Historical 23 Aug 11

I always enjoy reading Bronwyn Scott. Her characters are intriguing and fun, her storylines sizzle and are action packed. This time we take a dangerous journey with Beldon and Lilya, two opposites who try their best to resist the attraction between them, only to find the love of a lifetime, ending with an adventure to keep those they love safe and an exciting place to begin their new life together.

Beldon Stratten, Barron Pendennys, is an English girl’s dream, the perfect gentleman, and he’s in need of a wife. She must be respectable and polite, one bred to be the perfect partner of someone of his station. She must also bring financial security to their union, especially after all the years it’s taken him to rebuild his holdings. So here he is at the beginning of the season, trying to pick and choose among the available misses. Until he spies a sexy, bare back.

In London visiting with her guardian, Valerian Inglemoore, Viscount St. Just, Lilya is biding her time until she’s forced on the run again because of her duty to family and country – she’s the protector of a precious stone that can change the fate of nations. Taking her responsibility seriously, Lilya has learned to be diligent and self-sufficient in keeping the gem out of the wrong hands. Coming face to face with Beldon again, she’s intrigued by the changes that have resulted in the confident and handsome man he’s become. As intrigued as she is by him, he’s not for her. Too dangerous to become involved with.

She’s not for him. Too beautiful, too exotic, to exciting. Beldon has to keep his focus to make the right decision. But when one of her countrymen shows interest in Lilya, suspicions begin to flow, and the only way to keep her truly safe is for her to never leave his side. The logical thing is marriage, despite Lilya’s protestations. She’s better at running. But Beldon won’t be swayed and they are immediately wed. Thus begins their life journey of exploration, danger, excitement, and an all-consuming love that grows so beautifully between them.

I like how Beldon adds dangerous protector to his perfect gentleman facade. He takes every precaution to keep his wife safe, and still the evil comes after them. In the midst of all this, they enjoy exploring each other, finding out about one another both in bed and out. They began as two people who knew they would never mesh, but they now are a team with charm and wit, who outwit a league of villains to grow old together, starting life anew away from anyone and everything that means the world to them. What’s not to love about that kind of romance?

This is a fun, quick read, one that will leave you quite happy when you reach the last page.

SandyMGrade: B+


Just another dull debutante? From boxing at Jackson’s to dancing starry–eyed society belles around London’s ballrooms, Beldon Stratten is the perfect English gentleman. And he’s looking for a perfectly bland, respectable wife.

Appearances can be deceiving…Exotic Lilya Stefanov is anything but bland. Beldon is intrigued to see that the ragamuffin girl he once knew has matured into an elegant lady, poised and polite!

But beneath the mysterious beauty’s evening gowns and polished etiquette lies a dangerous secret—and a scandalous sensuality…

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