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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Haunting Desire (Mists of Ireland, Book 3) by Erin Quinn
Historical Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 1 Apr 11

When you’re reading a series, do you ever sometimes wonder if the author will be able to keep up the quality of writing, intensity of action, the complexity of characters and storyline? I do think once in a while some second, third or later books can end up like movie sequels, just never as good as the first. I can tell you right now, Erin Quinn doesn’t have any of these issues in this series at all. This third book in her Mists of Ireland series is as complex and intense as the first and her quality of writing has not faltered once.

Shealy has been sucked into a strange and very dangerous world, one she eventually discovers she may not be able to leave. She also discovers the nightmare she’s currently living is connected to the Book of Fennore, which destroyed her family because her father could not give up his search for the evil tome. Though she has courage and wit, Shealy has to rely on Tiarnan, the handsome warrior who leads a rag-tag team of unusual characters, despite his doubts about his ability to lead.

What I love most about this series is the complexity of the world Ms. Quinn has created for her strong and equally complex characters. These people are pulled into the evilness of the Book of Fennore, a theme that runs throughout, putting all in peril who come into contact with it. This time around, Tiarnan and Shealy, are actually inside the book. Thus, their world is never the same minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Creatures of legend are thrown at them again and again, only Tiarnan knowing how to defeat them, if at all possible, the action and danger causing your heart to pound and your blood race.

Another fascinating element of this series is how all of the characters from book to book are related and how they interact even in the smallest way. If you think you have anything figured out, who’s going to show up next, how and where they belong in the story, you’ll be way off base. Ms. Quinn keeps you guessing. And then punches you when you least expect it.

Tiarnan and Shealy both grow immensely throughout this story. They have their own ghosts to conquer and their own fears to face, but in the end they do it together. They’re drawn to each other from the beginning, when they’re thrown into danger and must work together to survive. The more peril they face together, the more they learn about the other and their attraction only grows. It could have been a case of adrenaline and the like driving them, but their relationship goes beyond that, has so many layers that you know they’re meant to be together, even despite the way they meet.

Ms. Quinn’s writing is the crowning glory of these books. It’s chilling. It’s intense. It’s haunting. It’s perfect for this alternate realm she’s given us in this book as much as it is for the entire series. She weaves her story in and around and through you as you read. You become part of every emotion and feeling, every touch and look, every fight and betrayal. You feel it clear to the bone just as each character does.

If you’ve yet to read these Mists of Ireland books, I suggest you start at the beginning with Haunting Beauty. You need to keep the characters straight, along with their interactions with one another and how they fit into the whole theme of the series. As I said, this is a complex series so far, so starting in the middle will do you nor the books any good, and you’ll be quite lost.

Besides, you don’t want to miss one single word. I can guarantee that.

SandyMGrade: A+


A woman lost in a nightmare

Shealy O’Leary thought the ancient Book of Fennore a myth until she and her father are sucked into the past—and into the cursed no-man’s land called Fennore. There Shealy learns that she has a rare power that their enemy seeks. Aided by the dangerous and compelling warrior, Tiarnan, Shealy must find her father and learn how to wield her gift to save those she loves or die in this waking nightmare…

A man desperate to regain his honor

After failing both his land and people, Tiarnan was damned to spend eternity in the black heart of Fennore. His only hope comes in the shape of a beautiful, frightened woman from the future. For she possesses a gift she is unaware of. A gift with the power to save …or destroy them all.

A desire that drives their destiny

Together, Shealy and Tiarnan begin their perilous quest—a mission that draws them closer and closer together. And as the odds against them mount, so does their passion. The intensity of their bond electrifies the couple, their love powering Shealy’s gift and Tiarnan’s strength. But their newfound connection threatens to ruin them both—and bring to life a long ago prophecy of devastation and betrayal…

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