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Book CoverDinca’s review of Indecent & Wicked by Tori Carrington
Contemporary romance reissued by Harlequin Showcase 1 Sep 2010

Tori Carrington has done it again. I always enjoy her (their) stories.  Of these two, I can’t even begin to tell you which one I liked best, Indecent or Wicked. They both had my full attention from page one. Although they were not my usual read.    


Indecent (story 1)

Lucky Clayborn knows how to run, emotionally anyway. She has run from everyone including herself. She has learned to run from herself even in her own apartment. Hence the bottles lining her windowsill. After her second DUI she is sentenced to group therapy with Dr Colin McKenna. One look at him and she knows what kind of therapy she wants from him.  After solving the doctor patient issue, she heads back to his office for a little one on one.

The best thing for Colin McKenna is to get the sexy Lucky Clayborn out of his office as soon as possible. His career may depend on it. He already has a false sexual law suit pending against him. Much more time with Lucky and he could not claim false at all. He had a feeling it would be a very real situation. Could she be a set up  from his accuser?

The traumatic recall of events in Lucky’s past was very well represented and the story did not dwell on the depressing events. It would have ruined the book if it had. The support system that fell into place really worked with all the love and compassion presented. Every one grew stronger and true love of course concurs all.

Grade: A


Wicked (Story 2)

Renae Truesdale lives in the Apartment building with the very hot and sexy Will Sexton. The only drawback is that he thinks she is a lesbian. If looks could rip clothes off, she would be walking around nude every time he looked at her.

On the spur of the moment she enters into a sex-only relationship with him trying to satisfy the craving she feels for him. To get him out of her system.  Renae tries to juggle her work, her suspicions of her roommate’s live-in lover messing with her stuff and trying to force her out of her apartment and the sexual tension that grips her just walking by Will’s door.

Will Sexton has a plan. Court the resident and then pop the question and it has to be soon since she has a ‘wait until married’ for sex policy. It has already been five months and he is starving. Living in the same condo building as the luscious belly dancer up stars who left for work all decked out in her skimpy outfit at the same time he came home from the hospital is a living hell. With the resident out of town maybe this is his chance for a real live fantasy come true.

There is a lot of twist and turns here and I enjoyed the story. The ending was great and I didn’t see it coming and I love it when that happens. Her friend and coworker Lucky from the Indecent story was also continued in this tale so it is a double-hitter.

I liked the concept of the store, Women Only. I wish we had a store like that where I live. I would shop there in a heartbeat.

Grade: A


The two books are well written and a quick afternoon read. I hope you give them a look see. I was not disappointed in either of them.  Tori Carrington has not let me down once.

Overall Grade: A


Indecent – From the moment Lucky Clayborn struts into his office, psychologist Colin McKenna wants the fiery redhead badly. But how can he possibly have a proper patient/doctor relationship—something his career depends upon—when all he wants to do is to get lucky…with Lucky? Lucky figures the sexy doc needs his head examined if he thinks she’ll be telling him her deepest thoughts. Because all she’s thinking about is getting naked with him! She hadn’t counted on his sexy bedside manner breaking through her mind’s defenses—or her heart’s.

Wicked – Will Sexton can’t wait to run into his knockout neighbor every day as she leaves for work in her sexy dance costume. But what he’d really like is a chance to see what’s underneath the soft material. Renae’s been craving a wild session in the sack with Will, too, and when they get together—again…and again—she thinks she’s getting exactly what she needs. Insane, illicit, incredible sex, no strings attached. But she soon realizes she doesn’t want to be just the woman Will has forbidden sex with. She wants to be the woman he’ll never, ever forget.

Read an excerpt here.