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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Seduced by the Wolf (Werewolf Series, Book 5) by Terry Spear
Paranormal Romance published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 1 Aug 10

Somehow I missed reading this Terry Spear book back in August or even September. Shame on me, because it’s a terrific read. Ms. Spear has definitely come into her own with this werewolf series of hers. She pulls you in immediately, pounds you with emotion and action until the very end, gives you characters to love, and a story to bite into (sorry, couldn’t resist that one!). If you haven’t read any of her werewolf books, pick one up soon. You’ll be chomping at the bit for the next one as soon as you’ve finished reading it. Oops, sorry, wrong animal there.

Leidolf Wildhaven is having a time of it trying to right the wrongs of the former leader of his new pack. In the middle of it all, a wolf expert is in town to educate folks about wolves and their lives and habitats and anything else they want to know. He’s drawn to her and wouldn’t mind having a little dalliance with the human woman.

Little does Leidolf know, Cassie Roux is a red wolf just like his alpha self. She’s been packless for a number of years, giving her life over to keeping wolves of all kinds safe from regular folk, including lupus garous. While in the Portland area she spies a female red wolf with pups and is determined to help them. And that’s where all the trouble begins.

Between hunters and the local zoo employees wanting to keep wild animals safe, Cassie, and by extension Leidolf, get caught up in everything that can go wrong when either faction is near.

Cassie is a strong, independent female, but she’s afraid to commit to Leidolf, afraid to lose those she loves again. But Leidolf is total alpha male in either form, powerful and sexy and makes her feel oh so good. And he’s amazed when he finds out Cassie is one of his kind, but he’s also relieved because he wants the woman as his mate. He just needs to convince her of that.

And that’s part of the fun of this book, is watching Leidolf wear Cassie down with a touch, a nudge, a swift kiss. The more he does that, the more she falls under his spell. Doesn’t matter whether they’re human or in wolf form, everything he does is designed to show her she belongs with him. Ms. Spear does a wonderful job of translating wolf idiosyncrasies to human form. The characters are all very consistent in that respect, which makes everything so much more believable.

There’s a scene where Leidolf and Cassie play as wolves on the lake shore. I smiled the whole time. It was such fun. Another scene I enjoyed is when they’re captured and taken to the zoo, along with the lone red wolf and her pups. The employees thought Leidolf belonged with the red female because of her pups, but he took the situation in hand, stood apart from her and stared the men down until they understood he belonged with Cassie. Both terrific scenes.

The sixth book in the series is out this month and I am not waiting to get started on it!

SandyMGrade: A+


His first priority is to protect his pack… Werewolf pack leader Leidolf Wildhaven has just taken over a demoralized pack. With rogue wolves on the loose causing havoc and the authorities from the zoo suddenly zeroing in on the local wolf population, the last thing he needs in his territory is a do-gooder female, no matter how beautiful and enticing she is…

She’ll do anything to help wolves…
Biologist Cassie Roux has dedicated her life to protecting wolves in the wild. On a desperate mission to help a she-wolf with newborn pups, the last thing Cassie needs right now is a nosy and entirely too attractive werewolf pack leader trying to track her down…

With rogue wolves and hunters threatening at every turn, Cassie and Leidolf may find their attraction the most dangerous force of all…

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