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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Warrior Avenged (Sons of the Zodiac, Book 2) by Addison Fox
Paranormal Romance published by Signet 7 Sep 10

I’ve definitely been hooked. I normally don’t care for books about the Gods of Olympus, but Addison Fox has put a twist on the whole theme that gives an old story a new look, and she’s drawn me in with hardly any effort at all.

Kane Montague is a Zodiac warrior, Scorpio, for Themis, Goddess of Justice. He and his brothers were created after Themis entered into an agreement with Zeus for them to protect mankind from all evils, and Zeus’ daughter Enyo, Goddess of War, is involved to make sure there is balance and all is well with the world. At least until Enyo decides to throw things off balance.

Both Kane and the reader met Ilsa in the first book in the series, Warrior Ascended. They enjoyed each other for a few days and then Ilsa disappears without a word or a trace. Kane has thought of her nearly constantly for six months and then she suddenly re-appears in his life again. Determined to find out why the woman drugged him and skipped, he doesn’t expect the electricity that still sparks between them. What he doesn’t know is that Ilsa is really Nemesis, Goddess of Divine Retribution.

Ilsa’s job is to take the lives of those Hades sends her for, bring their souls back to him for punishment. She’s been at this for centuries ever since Hades rescued her from a life trapped in a cave where Zeus laid a curse on her when he thought she’d betrayed him, kept him from his destiny. Having no other choice for a life, she took Hades’ offer. On the side, Ilsa’s now involved with a dark wizard, trying to gain retribution against Themis through her warriors because she’s the one who turned Zeus against Ilsa all those years ago.

Neither Kane nor Ilsa know the wizard’s true reason for wanting to get at Kane. Three hundred years ago this same wizard cursed Kane using his scorpion against him. He’s been fighting that poison since and has no idea who the wizard is. Falling in love with Kane has made Ilsa look at her life differently and she tries to rework her deal with this wizard so that Kane will be hurt no further.

Things don’t go as planned, and a couple of twists are thrown in at the end that make for some interesting reading and eyebrow raising once the danger is nearly past.

Kane’s warrior brothers are thick in the plot, and I love the relationship among all of them. They sneer and insult each other as men do, but they also have each other’s backs when the chips are down. Quinn, the leader of the Zodiacs, gets his book next and I’m looking forward to that. I have a feeling he’s going to be getting as good as he’s given to his brothers when he meets his heroine.

Alpha heroes, strong heroines, paranormal plots, gods and goddesses, and terrific storytelling await you. Don’t delay, try these books today!

SandyMGrade: A+


For ages, the goddess Nemesis has sought divine vengeance against mortal man, as she awaits her chance for retaliation against Mount Olympus. Now, after making a deal with a dark wizard, she has reinvented herself as a female spy with her own sinister agenda…

Immortal warrior Kane Montague is as lethal as a Scorpion – like the one that marks his powerful form. As an assassin for MI-6, he was an ace gun-for-hire until someone very close burned him. Now on the outs with his former colleagues, Kane knows all too well who’s to blame: a sexy secret agent named Ilsa.

When their paths cross again, the passion between Kane and Ilsa is irresistible…and possibly lethal. But they soon realize that Ilsa is simply a pawn in a conspiracy aimed at the heart of the Zodiac Warriors. Can Kane trust her? Or is Ilsa the only one who can save him, body and soul?

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