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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Untamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress by Bronywn Scott
Historical Romance published by Harlequin Historical 1 Jul 10

I so love a story that has a hero and heroine working together to overcome conflict instead of having that conflict break them up, keep them apart, and make them snarl and snip at one another. Bronwyn Scott does that beautifully in this book, all the while giving us strong characters and a very interesting backdrop with steeplechase racing.

Crispin Ramsden has finally come home. He’s a military man, combing England and other countries for the good of his homeland. Giving up his dream of owning his own stables one day has been taken over by his wanderlust; he craves adventure and new places. He’s received an inheritance of an estate that would give him his dream from long ago, but knowing he can’t stay put for long, he’s determined to sell and be on his way again after visiting family. At least if it weren’t for that intriguing miss he met on the road on his way home, the one he kissed and now can’t get out of his head.

Forging a friendship with the backing of an influential name, Aurora Calhoun has found success — again — with her stables, which includes lessons for women and also horse breeding. She’s an independent woman on her own, with her own ideas, doing what she wants when she wishes. As Aurora has learned from her past, however, all good things do come to an end, because men aren’t able to deal with the success of women, especially when said women are free thinkers and do as they please.

She also doesn’t need the complication of Crispin Ramsden doing her fighting for her, but the man refuses to back down. Deciding instead to enjoy him for the moment, she becomes his lover. He’s an equine expert just as she is and sits a horse quite well, so they do get along famously having so much in common, if it weren’t for his protective behavior.  As the steeplechase race she covets draws closer and more mysterious and dangerous happenings occur, Aurora finds she is rather happy and relieved Crispin is in her life.

I really enjoyed Crispin and Aurora so much. They both stay away from commitment and marriage, living for the moment until something makes them move on in life. But being together gives them a whole new perspective on what they want to make it through and perhaps have someone by their side.

They work together to discover who’s behind the near ruination of Aurora and her business. Their love scenes are intense and filled with a love neither of them recognizes until much later in their relationship.

I also like that we get a glimpse of Crispin’s brother, Peyton, who is the earl, and his wife. I have yet to read their book, The Earl’s Forbidden Ward, though I have read brother Paine’s, Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the family aspect of these books a lot.

Ms. Scott is becoming a favorite of mine for her rich historicals and wonderful characters.

SandyMGrade: A


Self-made miss Aurora Calhoun has always possessed an uncommon amount of sense when it comes to men. However, within minutes of colliding with Lord Ramsden’s carriage, she finds herself kissing the incorrigible rogue! Crispin Ramsden feels restrained by the shackles of his unwanted inheritance. Especially when he is faced with a woman whose impetuous nature ignites a passion that is as uncontrollable as it is scandalous! Society is rocked by this outrageous couple. Can these two wild hearts find a place to belong?

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