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Ok – so I’ve decided to celebrate random holidays each year. Last year it was the Chinese/Lunar New Year. This year, after a quick and random, totally unscientific twitter poll… it was decided 2010 I’d highlight Earth Day.

Being green is very popular now. I’m all for that. I’ve been accused of being a tree hugger, but I’m definitely not on top of everything. I don’t turn off all my electronics, etc – anyway there’s more I could be doing.

I’m not going to give a little Earth Day lesson, because you can find all the information online. I do like that it’s such an international holiday – more than 175 countries celebrate it each year!

I’ve been meaning to give away an ebook as well, so… what’s the prize? A copy of Maya Banks’ new and improved Colter’s Woman. That’s how I plan to celebrate Earth Day this year.

My question is then – what do you think about Earth Day? Did you ever celebrate it? Do you? And… if you read them, what book would you most like to see as an ebook? If you don’t read ebooks, why not?

Personally, I most want As You Desire by Connie Brockway to be released as an electronic book.

And because I’m always for more frivolity…well, me being me I’ve forgotten – so I’ll put it on you! Tell me something lighthearted and fun, that is relevant to this post! (Earth Day, ebooks…)

*NB: As usual, the winner will be announced in the comments. Contest closes a week from Friday.