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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Erotique: Carrie (Erotique Story #1) by Susan Lyons
Erotic romance short story ebook released by Spice Briefs 1 Jan 10

Sometimes an ending can completely ruin an otherwise fine story, and sometimes it’s the ending that totally makes the story.  This first story in Susan Lyons’ Spice Briefs trilogy is an example of the latter.

Carrie looks like your average suburban soccer mom.  However every few weeks she hires a babysitter, gets dressed up in very un-mom-like attire, lets her hair down and hits the private sex club, Erotique.  Erotique is very exclusive and caters to a myriad of fantasies that range from casual flirting to BDSM.  Carrie doesn’t stray too far to the wild side, but she knows tonight she wants passion.  Hot sex, with a hot stranger.  She finds her mystery man, dressed like a riverboat gambler, downing a fine brandy, and he’s more than willing to show her a good time.

To be blunt, this is a fairly conventional story featuring some hot, vanilla sex.  For readers who like the hot stuff, but don’t want to wade through a bunch of kink – this is a good, solid choice.  I’ll admit, the set-up and story weren’t really doing a whole lot for me.  Wow, an exclusive club where people can explore their sexual fantasies?  I’ve only read that a time or two or thousand.  Then I got to the ending.  It’s the ending that truly makes this story, and probably one I should have seen coming, but didn’t.  What could have been a been-there-read-that erotic short, easily forgotten, is instead made memorable by an ending that left me with a smile on my lips.  Good show!

Wendy TSLGrade: B


Normally Carrie is a very responsible person…but she still likes to walk the line every now and then. That’s when Carrie visits Erotique, a private club where members don costumes and use false names to explore their secret fantasies. For Carrie, it’s a chance for the suburban mom to feel like a sex goddess—especially when a certain masked man is waiting for her….

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