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candy-canes.jpgI like to share the love (and you know, sometimes hate) – but right now it’s all about the food love.
I’ve got 30 $10 restaurant.com gift cards to give away per day, until 11:59 EST on Christmas day.

Of course, I’ll be running around, but will do my best to honor each and every request – first 30 per day. No strings, other than I’ll need your email address(es) – which you need to post a comment anyway!

Sorry to our international friends, as far as I can tell, restaurant.com only works in the US. If, however, you find otherwise, I am more than happy to send you the card.

[*ETA I do need a last name, or at least last initial though- and if your IP shows no location, I pick one for you! It’s needed for the form. I’m not trying to stalk you. Honest.]

One last point – if I do send you a card, please don’t spam me. I would not appreciate it if you returned my gesture by using my email address indiscriminately, for newsletters, contest invites, etc.

So… that’s all! There’s also a code for 80% off which I’ll include in the message.

Happy Holidays, from me and everyone at the pond!Limecellos Icon

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