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DuckFlashThis just in…

As of 12/15/09 the ARC for Shameless is in my hot lil hands… release date is April 2010 from Pocket and there is a new cover I will look and see if I can find it.

last update 11/12/06

Shameless by Karen Robards

Do you remember Shameless by Karen Robards?

If you don’t it might be because it was first called Reckless… or at least that is how I recall reading about it in the Romantic Times. This is the long awaited finish to the Banning Sisters Trilogy. And it is… drum roll… historical! not romantic suspense. And it was set for release in April of 2006.

Now it will be released 31 Jan 2008!!

the update

Karen Robards sent out her newsletter yesterday and once again there was no mention of this book. And that made me sad. So I emailed her. It bounced. I checked and found I had the wrong email and tried again.

It bounced.

So I emailed another addy I found. And waited.

After I didn’t get an answer (WHAT? it had been like 3 mins) I started to dig around. I am not sure if it was the addy I sent the third email or one of my newest but quickly becoming much lurved contacts at Penguin, but Karen Robards emailed and had this to say about Shameless.

Shameless is nearly finished.

Now in authorspeak ::looks around at authors:: THAT can mean a week away to 4 years. But she went on to say it is “In Line” to come out after:

  • the paperback release of Obsession (May 27th, 2008)
  • her new hardcover romantic thriller, Pursuit, in February, 2009.

I hope it keeps this cover and I hope to god it is better than Garwood’s return to historical. But either way I am glad it is still in the works. hmmm now I need to find out what Pursuit is about – I know I’m never happy… 😉