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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Destiny of the Wolf (Werewolf Series, Book 2) by Terry Spear
Contemporary Paranormal Romance published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 1 Mar 09

This is my second book by Ms. Spear, the first being Heart of the Wolf, which I also reviewed. I had an issue with the heroine in HotW, but this time around I enjoyed everything about Destiny of the Wolf, and especially the heroine.

Lelandi is a strong and independent woman — she has to be if she’s to be an alpha’s mate. But when she begins her journey to find her sister’s killer, she has no idea that is where her life is headed. She’s a lone red wolf seeking information from a pack of grays, and their alpha is her sister’s widow. It doesn’t take long for Silver Town’s citizens to become suspicious of her and for attempts to be made on her life once she starts digging for answers, and that only guarantees the alpha will bring her closer to protect her.

Even donning a disguise can’t keep Darien from recognizing his dead mate’s sister. He also recognizes the pull of a mate’s bond with Lelandi that he doesn’t quite understand. He feels guilty for not protecting his mate, so he’s determined to protect Lelandi and get her out of his pack as soon as possible. But before that happens, too many questions begin to surface about his mate’s death and Darien also begins to realize his dreams of his mate are not what he thought.

These two characters are very intriguing and perfect for each other. Lelandi gives Darien all kinds of trouble with her stubbornness when she refuses to let her investigation go. Darien is a protector to the core, and with surprising facts surfacing about the mate he thought he knew, he now has to keep his pack as well as Lelandi safe.

The love scenes between Darien and Lelandi are intense and romantic, and their relationship takes off quickly and grows strong just as fast. They are a duo to be reckoned with once they both give in to their bond.

The action is fast paced, especially the fight scenes between rival packs. There’s also a couple of subplots that are very interesting and add to the story as a whole. Ms. Spear does a great job of misdirection throughout the story, so a couple of surprises spring up near the end to make the main mystery quite intriguing.

I really enjoyed Darien’s triplet brothers, Tom and Joe, too. They’re not as alpha as Darien, but they’re close enough to make them terrific heroes. I hope they eventually get their own books. But whether or not they are the heroes of Ms. Spear’s upcoming books, I’ll definitely be reading those stories. I can see a lot of growth in her writing, as this book attests, and I know there are more great stories ahead from her.

SandyMGrade: A


All she wants is the truth…

Lelandi Wildhaven is determined to discover the truth about her beloved sister’s mysterious death.But everyone thinks she’s out to make a bid for her sister’s widowed mate…

He’s a pack leader tormented by memories…

Darien Silver blames himself for his mate’s death. When her twin arrives in his town, he finds himself bewitched, and when someone attempts to silence her, he realizes that protecting the beautiful stranger might be the only way to protect his pack…

and himself…

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