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Site will prolly go down at midnight CST.
Not really sure how long it will be down for…

It has been so long, I have forgotten how it is suppose to look when it comes back up.

No I haven’t taken anything yet, I am just oddly over it and ready for the site to be updated. Of course I am cynical and ready for it to just break, stare at it in horror, and figure out who to have fix it and really I have faith in the geek. And lots of xanax…Β  Don’t be shocked if you hear screaming, see a blank screen or a ever changing template over the next few days.

It will prolly come right back up. I cry to think of what the format, linkage, pictures, tags… ok really tis ok as long as the database is there and the comments all stay where they belong and everything doesn’t dup again and oh god. I cry.