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sweetness and lightWhat Wendy Sez, is pretty much what I think… well I am sure I disagree with something cuz I just roll like that but really I don’t even think I am suppose to be posting this or (pretend it has my sweetness and light iconI can’t find it).  [Gwen ed.: I found it!]

I seriously appreciate the HELL out of her. And might need to have Sandy make her an icon to show her how just how great, grand and wonderful she is.

Blog what you want to blog, impress yourself, appreciate your hard work and do it because you like it – you really fucking like it. Otherwise it is all bullshit. There is no right way to blog, honestly there is no book to follow. Internet fame?? Is that what people are shooting for? Really? That has to be one step below reality tv fame – only a smaller number of people think you are the shit and it generally starts with yourself.

I find it is much easier to just know you are the greatest. And no matter if you are the nicest of people or the meanest of the bad bad grrls, own that shit – good or bad. Or even better don’t worry about it and just talk about the books, life or whatev is on your mind and less ‘this is popular I should blog it’.  I recall coming here and finding a home full of people to talk about romance books with, where it wasn’t ‘hard’.

Where people spoke the language and rolled out a welcome mat without a reason in it for themselves – ok FEW had agendas. The god, the bad and the ugly – no holds barred – and the same flamewars going on today (no really). And somehow, somewhere, like wendy said… people seem to have gotten lost (not the flamewars, people just think they are new). Honestly some of them I don’t really give a shit about, others I don’t know, but it is breeding and could choking the life out the community – tis an awesome thing bloggers are better than that – aren’t we? FIND YOUR VOICE.

And that is not saying you can’t be ‘serious’ if that is how you want to run your blog. Or silly… hell I call this the pond and there are duckies (no really there are… ::sniff::). Hell you can even blog for money if you wanna but I do think money changes everything. THERE ARE NO RULES IN BLOGGING.
There shouldn’t be any crying either… own your shit.

Be yourself. I for one would love to know what you have to say, not what you think you ‘should be saying‘. Stop being so SERIOUS and taking every word as a cut to your soul ::deep sigh::. Are blogs honestly a place where you only want agreement and ‘yes!men’? WHY ask what do you think when you don’t want to know?

Oh and if you haven’t noticed Monica Jackson is back. And I have to say has EXCELLENT taste in templates. Good or bad, right or wrong and honestly even if I am to have to play target for her – as I said on her blog – I would rather have 10000 bloggers like monica who are honest (even when pissed) and make mistakes (we all do) than 10000 bloggers playing follow the leader.

Honesty is what I appreciate in a book blogger, what do you appreciate?