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sl_thumbnail.jpgYou might have noticed this is NOT a review.  funny that

1. My site, I can do things like that, cool huh?

2. Site issues have made it difficult for any of us to get in the back end until the last few days so we are going with the flow… (as if that is a new thing ::shug::)

great-western-drive.jpgKristieJ and THEWendy have both have awesome rec’s and I will prolly repeat them but I will try not to… and no there aren’t any contemporaries.  We went back and forth with that at first.  We have grand lurve for the historical so are ‘focused’ on that but will have some posts on contemps.  TGTBTU does have some reviews ups for contemporary westerns if you must have RIGHT NOW.  And HSR line is grand to check out as well.

on with the rec’s

Jo Goodman

This is one of the STAND UP AND CHEER authors. Not only is her next book Never Love a Lawman a return to America west (a great read coming out Sept 1st from Kensingston so EASY for you to get review and more coming soon *g*) but her next book will take place in the same town.

But since I am talking more about backlists, when I first heard about this book, I cheered. Well it was prolly more along the lines of sending her an email of omg is this fucking true, which she totally didn’t get. But I am used to that… tis happens a lot with me.

So while on my rereading spree at the beginning of the year I pulled out my much loved copies of Jo Goodman’s Dennehy Sisters series (which turned out had a character very briefly mentioned in NLAL).  They range on OMG hard to find and you can walk into a UBS no sweat and pick on up.  I happened to read them when they had just been reissued so I was lucky.  Not sure on the reissue plans as of now (if there are any… but I have asked… will update if I hear anything)

Wild Sweet Ecstasy
Rogue’s Mistress
Forever In My Heart
Always In My Dreams (least fave of the series)
Only In My Arms (most fave and yes the nuns book don’t you wanna read it now)
Maureen McKade

I adore Maureen McKade‘s writing and am lucky enough to still have quite a few books by her left in my tbr pile.

Sadly right now real life has taken her away from us and she isn’t currently working on anything. I hope like mad this changes. When I heard she was going to do another Romantic Suspense after her ‘Forrester Brothers trilogy’ I pretty much begged her editor for a western. And the answer I got was as grand as they were they just didn’t sell.

It was pretty much a we will print them, if people will buy them type thing. Hopefully Maureen McKade will have the time and want to start up her writing again soon and when she does readers will be buying them again.

Until she does… we are gifted with a great backlist to keep us company. And her website has an email where you should bug her for more books. I never said I play fair.

I suggest you start with:
A Reason to Live
(YES holly hon, LIVE LIVELIVE, she sucks as a secretary but she is cheap)
This isn’t a ‘light’ book and deals with PTSD. It has a hella strong female character and a man to match her who are both dealing with living through the Civil War. She was a nurse and is set on delivering the last words to the the families of the soldiers she promised. The ruined South becomes a character in the book itself. And while Laurel is dealing with this (along with the PTSD), Creede Forrester is dealing with his own loses. Powerful book… one you really should read. SADLY out of print. But visit Wendy! She has contest.
Dana Ransom

aka Nancy Giddon aka Rosalyn West aka something else I think

But my heart belongs to Dana Ransom, which is rather odd cuz these are WESTERNS as in dirty, gritty, hard, not always ‘nice’ books with bows ties around everything books. Like in real life, things suck, but you get through it. The series that I have read and revisited in January is “The Bass family series“. And I loved it as much then as I did the first time. I totally need to do a Duckies Do Series Review on this series.

Temptation’s Trail – Harmon and Amanda book. Amanda is an Eastern heiress who hires a dime-store novel hero and believes everything she reads. Harmon is an half-Apache tracker who is so beyond pained I shouldn’t have been able to believe it or read it. One of the few virgin hero stories I think I have read and believed.

Texas Destiny Jack and Emily book. This is so messed up and soapy but she pulls it off amazingly without melodrama. Jack Bass is a Texas Ranger being held by Apaches and in a grand twist he is saved by a white captive – Emily. He is so going to marry her, until he finds out she is already married, to his boss.

Wild Texas Bride – started with this book, bought at a library sale and shows what a twisted chick I am cuz it is one of MY fave type of tales. Billy and Sarah book
She has known him forever and evah AND HE is HERS. So what if their first kiss happened when she was 13 and he was 18? 19? I forget the book isn’t in front of me. She sort of grabbed him and he complained to her brother about it for days. She is older now damn it and that chick on his lap has got to go. And whatever trouble he has gotten himself into, well she is going help him get himself out of it. She is a BASS and Harmon’s niece. It is time for Billy to grow up. Shotgun wedding story, friends to lovers and all that

Texas Renegade – Kenitay and Leisha book Revenge is a theme that plans heavy in all of these books but I am pretty sure this one and in the next is it HUGE. Harmon is still a big player in it as well. Kenitay is taken at the end of Wild Texas Bride and it takes him a long time to come to terms with the fact he was TAKEN not ‘let go’. Leisha never ever forgot him. Great story.

Sweet Texas – Dreams Morgan and Becca book. Like I said before or meant to (meant this to be short and sweet) if you don’t like REVENGE PLOTS it all comes to head here. Then again if you made it this far… Becca is trying really hard to be Harmon’s daughter. Sadly at times she was TSTL. Still over all it didn’t hurt the book or the series. LOVES the series tons.

So would love a new historical from Dana Ransom.
Linda Lael Miller

I know, I know you are going huh? What? That chick is soooooooo still in print but today is backlist day and my TOP fave of hers is:
The Vow
How I love the intro of the heroine. It is something you just need to read. It has a 12 YEAR separation something I HATE people. HATE HATE HATE with the heat of a 1000 suns and yet, this book I ::heart::

I would also recall liking Daniels Bride and was going to flip threw it because honestly all I remember is it amused me. I am not sure why. It isn’t one of the books I reread this year (The Vow was as was Banner O’Brien verra purple but I adore it chick dr!) and is a ‘female outlaw’ story, which in all honesty those can make me bang my head. AND I can only find the LLM books I have reread this year. I know I own a hella lot more. So recall I am well medicated and take that with a gain of salt and for GODSAKE do NOT pay $35 dollars for it new on amazon. Seriously do people do that?
Susan Kay Law

I have blogged about Susan Kay Law before cuz I lurve her. Lots. And I thought about not mentioning her here, KristieJ has but I say read Journey Home and One Lonely Night. So I felt she needed another nod LOL.
And in the omg you are gonna go there again category, I don’t guess I need to whine about Elizabeth Lowell or Lorraine Heath needing to write westerns again again. ::pout::

**thanks go to the lil sis for coming up with the title and she sez Tobey Keith for the song ::shrug:: I don’t listen to western music yes the irony

Read a Western, Cowboys Need Love Too