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Tonight My Love Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Tonight, My Love by Tracie Sommers
Erotica short story ebook released by Spice Briefs 01 May 2009

I’ve always felt that an author succeeds when they can illicit a strong reaction from the reader. Nobody remembers the ho-hum stories, but they do remember the stories they loved beyond all reason, and the ones that had them tearing their hair out. On that score, Tracie Sommers not only gets the gold star, but probably deserves some sort of erotica writing award. This story turned me on and repulsed me in equal measures. I can honestly say this has never happened to me before. A first, in my ten-plus years of reading erotica.

Andrew and Isabelle are trolling around Whitechapel looking for a whore willing to have a good time. Andrew is letting Isabelle pick, and she chooses a particularly fetching girl. Franny finds herself out on the streets after she’s fired by her former mistress. So she figures she might as well make some money doing what her former master was getting from her for free. She’s hesitant , at first, to go with the fine gentleman and lady, what with Jack The Ripper being on the prowl. However the promise of a bath, some food, and quite a lot of money convinces her take the risk.

What follows is an erotic encounter that damn near set my Sony Reader a-blaze. Certainly the F/F/M pairing in menage a trois stories doesn’t seem quite as popular among romance readers as the M/M/F stories – but Tracie Sommers seems determined to win over some converts. Holy cow! 😯

That being said, it all slides south rather quickly with the ending, which is so repulsive that I’m sorry I read this story on my lunch break. Part of me admires Sommers (a self-described “dark erotic fantasy” writer) for taking such a huge risk, and the other part of me is just plain disgusted. Which makes writing this review extremely hard. In the end though I’m left with the feeling that as brave and massively mind-warping as this story is, that the path the author takes is decidedly “un-sexy.” And that’s pretty much what readers are looking for out of Spice Briefs. Sexy. Fast. Maybe even a little fun. Not a story that will have them wishing that Brain Bleach actually existed and could be picked up at the nearest convenience store.  Oh wait….I think they call it vodka…..

Wendy TSLGrade: D-

“Tonight, my love, the choice is yours,” Andrew Campbell tells Isabelle as they ride through the streets of Whitechapel to select a prostitute to join them in bed. Her choice: Franny, a pretty young girl hesitant to go with the genteel couple with Jack the Ripper on the loose.
Yet the lure of money and food is too strong for Franny. Before long, she is in their bed…with Andrew and Isabelle fulfilling their promise to take Franny to the height of sexual ecstasy.
But once their pleasure is complete, Andrew and Isabelle have another surprise in store for her….
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