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I know a number of authors have playlists for their books, or ones that they listen to while writing books or certain scenes. This got me to thinking – not so much about what inspires an author, as… what songs I thought would be great for certain heroines. A number of very kind individuals also helped me pick out songs; so thanks, ladies! I hope you had fun.

If you’re an author or aspiring author, maybe one of these songs will inspire. Or at least introduce you to a new artist you might like. Obviously this applies in general as well. Some of these songs I absolutely adore. Some, I find hilarious.

First up, we have The Betrayed Heroine – you know, maybe before she meets the hero; how she feels about her ex (or the hero after he does some douchebag thing)

First: (I’m just so entertained by this song. I was driving when I first heard it, not paying attention, then with the chorus the words penetrated, and my reaction was “O_O”.)

Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows

And as an honorable mention, we have Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style. (The two are so similar we had to pick only one.)

For our Kick Ass Heroines

Kelly Clarkson – Miss Independent
(Embedding disabled)


Rise Against – Survive


Christina Aguilera – Fighter
(Embedding disabled)

Alicia Keys – Karma
(Embedding disabled)

(Um, apparently I’m friends with angry tweeple, or at least ones that like a really strong, slightly vindictive heroine…  :mrgreen: I have awesome friends.)

For the Angsty Heroine – you know, after the hero did some douchebag asshat thing


Allure -All Cried Out ft 112


For our Heroine who is Moving On

A Fine Frenzy – Near to You


For the Quirky Heroine

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am


[I fucking HATE CLOWNS. but I love this song. 😛 so maybe listen but don’t’ watch]

The “Pulling It Together” Heroine

Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 am)


Our Falling in Love Heroine

Imogen Heap – Goodnight and Go
(Embedding disabled)

So, now that you’ve listened to them all (or at least hopefully some of them)… what do you think? Good choices? Bad?
Obviously this wasn’t a comprehensive list because I didn’t want you stuck in front of your computer forever…
And what are some songs you would suggest as a heroine anthem? Or even… a hero anthem? (Although hold tight – that one is forthcoming, but I’m always open to suggestions!)